How to get a cat to stop biting

5 ways to get a cat to stop biting


On several occasions cat owners have complained about their feline friend attacking them while petting, or for no reason at all. But then one very important detail cat parents forget easily is that cats are predators by nature with the urge to stalk and pounce despite being domesticated. It’s a less busy day and you’re both relaxing on your couch while you stroke her gently, and then suddenly she gets this weird feeling and next you get bitten or clawed. Cats don’t bite without a reason. The petting must have been too much for her and the only way she could tell you to stop was to sink her teeth. Petting your cat for too long can make her become over stimulated. Usually, there are signs displayed when she’s had enough; flattened ears, dilated pupils, or a flicking tail.

Why Do Cats Bite?

  • Age
  • Feeling playful
  • Responding to your behavior
  • When provoked or irritated
  • It’s just who they are

Ways To Get A Cat To Stop Biting

Don’t Use Your Hand As a Toy

This might actually be where it all began. A kitten’s bite might not be so hurtful (yet) but what happens when she’s all grown up? She gets accustomed to it and end up being aggressive.  Instead of giving your cat your fingers to play with, there are varieties of cat toys like balls you can get for her.

Let Your Cat Have Some Play Time

A cat bursting with energy will look for ways to burn off those excess energy and might develop biting and scratching habit. A perfect way to keep your cats mind engaged and stop her from biting you is to allow her have some play time. When she’s tired and worn out, the next thing on her agenda would be to sleep.

Apply The Time Out Method

It’s just a normal day like every other, and you decide to have a playtime with your feline companion only to be appreciated with a bite. Stop playing immediately and walk away. Do this whenever the behavior is repeated and soon she’ll learn to associate bad behavior with time out.

Learn To React Calmly

Give your cat an appropriate reaction even if she’s done something wrong (in this case biting) so you don’t end up sending the wrong signal. A bad reaction like chasing or hitting the cat might get her confused and scared. So, learn to react calmly but at the same time authoritatively.

Go See a Veterinary Doctor

Your cat might be suffering from an illness and trying to tell it to you in the only viable way. Instead of trying to punish her for her sins, take her to your vet for a checkup. If indeed she’s battling with an illness, drugs will be prescribed to help her recover. Depending on how serious it is you might be asked to bring your feline for regular checkups in order to keep track of her progress.


Turnaround might not be as expected, but the end result would be worth it. Follow these 5 tips to get a cat to stop biting.  Our cat collection is not available yet but Click here for exclusive access to our unique Petsochic dog accessories!