You've been waiting for them...

...our new harnesses models and colors are finally here !

You've asked for's the 🧡 Orange Tangerine 🧡

You already know our here it is in Orange Tangerine! It's a timeless and punchy color that never goes unnoticed.
You can pre-order today ! This harness is available in size XS and only in a few pieces... Hurry!

  • Made from leather, easy to clean
  • Soft and comfortable
  • Very easy to wear

...In two words, So Chic !

Best matched with the Orange Tangerine leash

Best matched with the Mystery Black leash


A brand new type of Petsochic harnesses 🐾

Yes, you read it well ! We're very excited to announce that our Y-harness are now available. So don't hesitate to order them, as we only have five of them in stock (per size and color).

Petsochic Y-Harness :

  • Come in many colors and in all sizes
  • Made from real, smooth leather
  • Suitable for all pooches, especially if they have back and neck problems
  • Suits very well with our Petsochic leather leashes !

In other words, comfy and classy !