Hiking and camping with dogs

Hiking and camping with dogs


Wouldn’t it feel nice to go hiking or camping with your dog? Imagine the huge amount of adventure that lays ahead knowing that this time around, it’ll be fun all the way. Dogs are outdoor creatures and bringing them on a trip with you is destined to make it even more pleasing and enjoyable experience. They are just the perfect adventure companion to explore new fun places with. We are going to talk about things you should know and what to pack.

Things You Need to Know

Do Some Research

Before embarking on your adventure, it’d be wise to do a little bit of research. Call your destination to find out if they are dog-friendly. This will help you make better decisions as some allow dogs in their campgrounds while they are prohibited in other places. In the same vein some parks allow dogs on their trail, others don’t.

Vaccinate Your Dog

You’ll be entering an unfamiliar environment, so I’ll advice you consult with your vet to make sure your fur baby’s vaccinations are up to date. This will provide your dog with immunity required to shield outdoor diseases.

Tag Your Dog

On trips like this it is extremely easy for a dog to get excited, run off, and never find her way back. Lots of cases about dogs gone missing have been reported and because the parent simply forgot to get an ID tag for his pooch, it takes them almost forever to find the dog. In most cases they never do. So, make sure your dog has a proper tag containing correct information.

Things to pack


This goes without saying that you need to make provisions for food, plenty of it. Depending on the difficulty of the exercise he may need more quantity than usual. Treats would also add to the fun.


Also remember to go with enough water. Unlike humans, dogs do not endure the heat so you’ll both need plenty of water to remain hydrated.

First Aid Kit

To ensure your dog’s safety in case of an emergency, go prepared with a first aid kit. Items like disinfectants, bandages, scissors, tweezers, etc. will really come in handy.


Pack some of your furry companions’ favorite toys like frisbee to turn your outdoor adventure up a notch.


Keep your dog fresh always by brushing her cute, thick fur to rid them of burrs or ticks that might get stuck.


It might sound like a cool idea to have your dog leashed especially since you’re both exploring and having fun hiking and camping. But then it is advised to keep her leashed so she doesn’t serve as lunch for wildlife or scare other hikers.


What other better way to go on your next adventure than with your own friendly pet? Now that we have filled you in on things you should know and gears to pack on your trip, we say happy travels and have fun! Click here for exclusive access to our unique Petsochic seat cover!