Dog and cat living as besties

How to have a dog and cat living as besties together

Welcoming a new pet into your life can be quite thrilling. You can’t help but get so excited by simply thinking about all the happy moments you guys are going to share. The fun, the adventure, and you’re already wondering where and how to begin with your new pet especially if it will be cat and dog living together under one roof. Despite popular beliefs about dogs and cats being sworn enemies, it is possible to have both pets get along and live together as besties. It only takes a little bit of careful planning, and we are going to share with you guys a few tips on how to achieve this.

Consider Both Pets Background

Before adopting a new pet, ensure do your homework first by knowing about their background. Have they been socialized with other pets? Bringing in a new dog means asking questions to know if she has experience living with a cat, and the same applies for a cat. Generally, it is preferable to adopt both pets at a tender age, and as they grow they tend to understand each other better and form a bond.

Train Your Dog

An unsuccessful first introduction will mostly come from your dog. So, if you are considering bringing home a feline companion, you should probably start training your dog long before then on how to respond to simple commands and control her impulse. You wouldn’t want your cat to suffer an early injury as a result of being chased by the dog.

Create a Separate and Safe Zone for Your Cat

This is very important! Provide your cat with a space where she can feel less endangered and more comfortable. A room with a door or baby gate that helps him stay away from the dog if need be is advised. The dog must not be allowed to enter the safe zone, and it should be filled with the cats’ favorite stuffs like toys, food, litter box and scratching post.

Introduce Both Pets by Scent First

Both animals posses a strong sense of smell and even without seeing eye to eye they get to be aware of the other. To avoid territorial rift, it is safe to introduce both pets by scents first before face to face meeting. Let them sniff each other’s scent and become used to it so they don’t see themselves as total stranger on their first visual contact.

Introduce Both Pets Properly

The first meeting should be done carefully. If you’re introducing your newbie cat to your dog, it is best you feed her first and tire her out with an activity you both love to do together such as playing a game of frisbee or a walk to the park. Have your dog on a leash and slowly bring them together. If they appear to be calm about it, allow them interact for a while. Endeavor to keep it brief and reward them with their favorite treats for good behavior.

It takes effort and patience to achieve this, it doesn’t just happen in a week or two. Following these 5 tips to help cat and dog live together and get along will bring about a harmonious and peaceful co-existence between both pets. Click here for more details on our Petsochic products !