Time for a little walk !

Did you know...

....That your dog, just like you, also needs to socialize daily. For this, it takes several walks a day for him to grow physically and mentally. These daily walks are essential for your pooch to stay in perfect health as he will enjoy discovering new places and new smells.

Some positive results for your dog 🐶
  • encourages weight loss ✅
  • more energy on the daily ✅
  • more sociable ✅
A dog walked daily is a happy, sociable and healthy dog

Our dog walks take place in small groups of 3 or 4 dogs maximum that will be composed according to affinities. Discover our local and reliable service, tailor-made for all residents of the 6th arrondissement of Paris and surrounding areas.

Your pet will be in the hands of an expert dog walker, who's graduated of a veterinary training. The canine walks in Paris have no secrets for her! 
If necessary, she will pick up your dog at your place and bring it back after a great ride. No driving, the departure will be from your home in the center of Paris - which is approximately 15 minute walk. 
You can even hand her your keys !
Safety first

Of course, the safety of your dog is crucial to us. No one is immune to a glitch! No worries, in case of a small problem, we guarantee you a complete recovery thanks to our Petsochic insurance. Any expenses will be covered. 
So, ready for a great ride?

Our dog walking service 🐶 🐾

The dogs walks takes place 5 days a week (Monday to Friday). We have two sessions: one in the morning, and one the afternoon.

We first pick up your dog at home and then take them on a 1 hour and a half to 3 hours walk.
Our walks take place in the favorite place of all Parisian doggies: the Jardin des Tuileries and the Parc Monceau.*


*For now, our dog walking service is available for the residents of the 6th and 8th arrondissement of Paris.

Our offers

We adjust to the ideal amount of walking time for all dogs, small or large, old or young. Enough to exercise without getting exhausted ✅


  • 5 times a week : 25€

With this package, you can get 20% off your grooming session.

You get to choose which day you want from Monday to Friday and the pace of the walks. In the morning, or in the afternoon depending on where you live.

  • 1 or 4 times a week : 35€

Walking times and rates are adaptable according to the age of the dog and its needs. For more information, email us
Want to try out our service?
We offer you a test walk of 40 minutes during which your dog to get acquainted with the walker and the place.

To book your free walk, please email us

Meet our professional dog walker

Professional dog walker in Paris

About Livia

Our dog walker Livia was born in Brazil. She speaks English, Portuguese and French. She loves pet more than anything in the world so she decided to become a vet. Livia learned also dog grooming and has been walking dogs in Paris for 3 years now.

Livia knows all the best spots for dogs in Paris and will take your dog near the Seine river, to the parc, private gardens, and so on.