Since Versailles and Louis XIV, French maisons like Petsochic focused on being at the edge of luxury. Our goal is to bring fashion into the pet industry. The European heritage of the notion of chic and modernity is what makes our iconic products famous. It is what brings our customers this unexpected magic that defines us


Petsochic creates beautiful high quality accessories. We are working directly with world known artists already working for luxury brands so as to provide you with the most fashionable accessories. By working directly with our artisans and our consumers, we are able to bring you the best quality at the best value, and create stylish products for your pet


We work directly with a veterinary team so as to approve our products before we launch them. It's all about the small details that will make your product much more comfortable than the average product you find in a pet shop. We have achieved some very cool features like a soft handle on your leather leash so as to avoid tandinitis, reinforced edges on the leather collars so as not to harm your dog's neck. Is your dog tired of the cold winters ? We have worked on a triple layer technology for our dog jackets providing safety against the wind, the water and the snow. Technology is now meeting fashion