Guide to dog walking during this upcoming summer

Dog walks are a major part of our summer routine. After the long winter, it is time to free our dogs and take them out for a long walk. Don't hesitate in doing so. You must be concerned about the safety and well-being of your dog. I will guide you to make your summer walks comfortable and safer.

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Select the best spot for summer walk

Dogs love to walk outside. Be it a park, garden, or forest, all are their favorite walking spots. They can freely run and feel different and amazing scents there. They can explore all the new things.

It will be a happy experience for your dog. It will make him both mentally and physically active. You can also enjoy it equally.

Select the best location that is suitable for you and your furry friend. Beaches are also the perfect spot for summer walks. You can also relax and enjoy the surroundings.

Always bring fresh water and his favorite treats

There can be many distractions for your dog when he is walking outside. Some of them can be dangerous for them. Treats are the best way to avoid such situations. Offer them a treat whenever the situation is going out of control. Freshwater is also essential as street water is not healthy for your dog. 

Be prepared

If you are planning a walk in the woods or in the countryside, always wear comfortable and easy-to-wash clothes while going for a walk with your dog. Keep your body fully covered with clothes as there can be parasites to irritate you. Wear comfortable shoes to cover your feet and ensure that they are not slippery.  It is important to carry some essentials things with you. Wear clothes with big pockets so you can take all the little things with you without carrying a bag.

Use the perfect collar and leash

Use a good quality leash that is detachable so, your dog can move freely. Always use collars with your name and address on them. It will help to bring your dog back if he is lost. Don't use the extra-long leash. It can be dangerous for your dog as he can suddenly move in the wrong direction.  Using a harness instead of collars is also a good idea. It will avoid putting extra pressure on his neck while walking.

Pay attention during walks

Whenever you take your dog out in a natural environment, you need to pay extra attention. Dogs get too much excited when they are outside, and you can lose control. They can harm little animals and destroy birds' nests.   Keep your puppy away from such things and watch carefully when they get excited by scenting something. Never let them take control. Always keep an eye on them. Train them to obey your commands so, you can tell them to avoid any situation that can be harmful to them in nature.

Other animals can be harmful to your dog too. They can indulge themselves in a fight with other dogs. Horses can also be a threat to your dog. A horse can also hurt your dog if it runs in front of them. Keep your dog away from any of these situations.

Petsochic Dog Walking Service 

We are proud to introduce to our new service : tailor-made dog walking for all the residents of the 6th arrondissement of Paris. Your dog, just like you, also needs to socialize daily. For this, it takes several walks a day for him to grow physically and mentally. The dogs walks takes place 5 days a week (Monday to Friday) on the morning. Your pet will be in the hands of an expert dog walker,  canine walks in Paris have no secrets for her!  If necessary, she will pick up your dog at your place and bring it back after a great ride. See more here