My dog has gained weight, what should I do?

Just like humans, our pets can gain extra weight too. Dogs and cats gain weight for various reasons. Any pet can gain weight at any age. It can be caused by an unhealthy and poor-quality diet or lack of training and exercise. This is in addition to the repeated lockdowns and curfews that have considerably reduced your pet's walkies and therefore their exercise time. There are also some diseases of animals which can cause a rapid increase in their weight.

Why pets gain extra weight ?

Many reasons can increase the weight of our pets. In dogs and cats, age and breed are the major factors that greatly impact their weight. In many dogs, poor diet and some health issues like diabetes can be the reason for their increasing weight. Overeating is another big reason. You must be aware of the potential cause behind their extra weight to control the weight of your dog. The main causes of weight gain are:  


Dogs tend to lose their energy requirement as they become older. They become less excited and less active with age. They do not like to play outside as they used to do. They start sleeping a lot. If your dog has all these habits and eats like before, he will gain weight. Because in older dogs the energy consumptions become less than the food intake which causes weight gain in them.  


Providing high-calorie pet food to your dog all the time can make them obese and overweight. Dog treats also contain so many extra calories. Low-quality food is another major reason to increase the weight of pets. Overfeeding your pet will also make them overweight and unhealthy.

Less training and exercise

 Exercise is very important for both humans and animals. Less movement or exercise also leads to extra weight. They become aggressive and unhealthy.  Sadly, the pandemic and lockdowns lead many pets to lose their sociability and physical wellbeing (fatigue, weight gain…).

What should I do?

Feed them high-quality and nutritious food

The best way to prevent weight gain and get rid of extra weight is to feed your pet high-quality food. Avoid giving them an extra number of treats and provide them many short meals instead of one or two big meals in a whole day. Make a proper diet plan for your pet. Their food should be more nutritious and less in calories. It will help you to deal with the extra weight of your pet in long term. At Petsochic, we offer a range of healthy and gluten-free kibbles with natural ingredients for easy digestion - perfect for senior dogs with weaker stomachs, for example. Three recipes are available: chicken, lamb and salmon...because your dog also has the right to choose his favorite gourmet kibble recipe.

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Take them out for a walk and exercise

Exercise does wonders when it comes to losing weight. It will work for your pet as effectively as it works for humans. Take your pet out for walks and exercise. Play with them whenever you get time. Keep them physically active. It will increase their metabolism and burn more calories.  

Talk to your vet

Many diseases can cause weight gain in your pet. Discuss with your vet and perform a physical checkup to find out if there are any health issues.  Many medicines can also cause weight gain in pets especially dogs. Your vet will recommend you change certain medicines if needed. Dogs can get rid of extra weight by proper treatment of the health issues behind their weight. Losing extra weight will make them both physically and mentally healthy. They will lead a happier and longer life.