Where should my dog sleep ?

Where should my dog sleep ? This is a question in every dog's owner's mind.   Many dogs like to sleep in their parent's beds and the parents don't mind at all. While some owners are concerned about the germs and doggy odor.  Most people want their dogs to sleep in their beds. It depends on the situation and the habits of your dog that where would he be sleeping. You can change their sleeping habit if the situation is not comfortable for you and your dog. However, dogs like to follow a certain routine and don't want to change it very often. If you don't change the sleeping place they will always know where should they sleep and never sleep in the wrong place.

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Dog sleeping in owner’s bed

 Many people allow their dogs to sleep with them. Especially If you live alone in your home, it is a great idea for you to sleep with your dog. It will make you feel safer. Having a little pooch to cuddle also releases stress and gives you a secure feeling.  

 On the other hand, many dog owners do not allow their dogs to sleep with them. They believe that it can cause problems.  While on the other hand, many dog owners feel that allowing their dogs to sleep in their bed can induce behavior problems.  They believe the dogs that sleep with the owner get self-obsessed. They think that they are superior to others and end up showing some unwanted behaviors. Many owners also think that it's unhygienic to sleep with your dog.  The dog will spread germs and dirt on your bed.  Some people also say that dogs can also transfer allergies to humans while sleeping next to them.  However, there is no scientific proof of these theories. It depends on you whether you want them to sleep with you or not.  

Dog sleeping in crate or dog bed

 If your dog sleeps happily in its bed, you can set up the dog bed in your bedroom. In this way, he will remain close to you while sleeping separately in his bed. Sleeping in a crate is also a good idea for your furry friend. He will feel safe and secure.  If your dog is used to sleep in the crate, he can also relax there while you are away from them. It will help to avoid separation anxiety.

In a different room, or anywhere they want to

Some dogs like to sleep in their bed in separate rooms. They like to have their own space. It will make both of you sleep peacefully as your dog will not wake you up at night. Some dogs can sleep anytime and anywhere. They don't want to sleep in your bed or even in a cozy dog bed. They just lay down on the floor and sleep. They select the area of their own choice You can train them to sleep on a specific spot every night.