8 things to do with your dog after lockdown

The temperature begins to increase as the summer arrives. It is the best time for you and your dog to enjoy the outdoors. Excessive heat is not good for dogs, but you can definitely enjoy many fun activities with your furry friend during the summer season. Here are some fun ideas to plan your activities this summer. 

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1. Go swimming with your dog

  Dogs love swimming. It is difficult during winters to take your pet swimming. But in summer you can do this as the weather is not so cold. Make sure that the water temperature is moderate. It will be a great activity for your dog if he likes swimming. 

2. Bring your dog to the grooming salon

Spa days aren't exclusive to dog owners. Take your pooch to a professional groomer to refresh their coat and keep them clean and protected from the heat. At The Petsochic Spa, we offer a full grooming service : bath, scissor cuts, hand stripping...with patience and care.

In addition, we use high end cosmetic products and sophisticated combs


3. Take your dog to the park for a play date

 Taking your dog to the pet park is always a good idea. Your dog can meet new people and other pets there. You can talk to other dog owners and arrange a play date for your dog. It will be a refreshing thing for your dog to play with other dogs. You can also invite other pets to your backyard. Arrange different games and treats for dogs and let them enjoy. 

Petsochic offers a dog walking service in the center of Paris. We first pick up your dog at home and then take them on a 3-hour walk in the favorite place of all Parisian doggies: the Jardin des Tuileries.

4. Go camping with your dog

  There is no need to leave your dog behind while going on a vacation. Take your puppy with you this summer. Dogs love to explore new things. Camping trips can be a great adventure for you and your dog. Camping with your dog can be a great experience for both of you. Your dog will have the best time of his life while exploring nature. 

5. Hike with your dog

Your dog loves your attention and will always enjoy your company and attention.  Hiking with your dog can be the best summer activity after the long cold season. Make sure to take the pet first aid kit with you and pack the things according to your dog's needs. If you're planning a road trip, don't forget your car seat cover !  

6. Play fetch with your dog

Summer is the perfect time to play outside with your dog. Play fetch with your dog in the backyard or the nearby park. You can use the sticks that have fallen during the cold season. Some sticks can hurt your dog. So, it is safer to bring his favorite toys with you to play fetch. It is a fun play and a great exercise for your dog to keep him mentally and physically healthy.   

7. Train him with new commands

  You can also engage in dog training during summer. It is a wonderful time to teach him all the commands that he needs to learn. Take him to the garden and spend plenty of time together. Teach him a new thing every day. Both of you will have fun and learn new things from one another.  

8. Take him for coffee or shopping with you

It's a good idea to take your dog for coffee or shopping with you sometimes. He might encounter other doggies and socialize with them. Don't forget to leash him to avoid any accidents or injuries. It can be a good activity for both of you during summer. Check out our So Chic collection to keep your dog stylish with a Parisian touch !