Things to Keep in Mind to Choose Best Kibble for Your Dog

Searching for a relishing food for your canine family member is quite a hectic job. Pet owners prefer something is nutritious and cost-effective. At the same time, you can’t ignore your pup’s choice and health also.

Here are some tips that will help you choose the best kibbles for your dog.


Choose Food by Age

It is very simple to identify which food is ideal as per your doggy’s age. The companies manufacturing the processed dog meal clearly declare the age range on the label of the packet. You might get packets mentioning puppy or adult and you can select those depending on the age of your pup.

Size of the Breed

Breed plays a significant role while you are going to pick the food for your dog. Small-sized breeds can’t chew large kibbles and vise-a-versa. If you provide small kibbles to a large breed pup, they will gobble it rather than chewing that food. In this way, it would be difficult for them to digest that food. Thus it is necessary to consider the kibble size.


Dry Kibbles or Wet Food

You will find two types of processed food in the market such as wet food and dry food.

Obviously, both of them contain a high amount of nutrition and protein. But there are some factors for which most pet owners prefer buying dry kibbles. 


Dry Kibbles Contains Fewer Preservatives

Manufacturers mix preservatives in wet food for maintaining the food value and prevent it from getting decayed. Conversely, dry food is completely dehydrated food thus there is no need for artificial preservatives to keep it fresh.


Wet Food Get Contaminated Quickly in Open Air

Energetic dogs often keep playing letting their food aside. If you provide them wet food, it will start stalling soon. Dry food is safe in this regard as you can let it open for a couple of hours.

Dry Kibbles are Great for Your Doggy’s Teeth

While having wet food your doggy doesn’t need to chew it for a long time. Dry kibbles allow them to chew the food. Chewing helps in cleaning their teeth and reducing any bad breath.

Helps in Keeping the Floor Clean 
Dogs scatter food from the bowl while eating. If you provide them dry food, it would be easier for you to clean the floor.

Check Your Pups Body Weight 

A vet can give you the proper advice about what food you should provide your pup. If your dog has already put on weight then he will suggest you to go for low-calorie food. If your dog needs to gain weight, you may go for high protein kibbles. Your pup’s weight needs to be checked first before picking the food. 

Go for Gluten-Free Food

Your doggy may be an allergen to gluten products. This allergy may lead to gastro-intestinal upsets, ear infection, itching, frequent shedding, etc. Hence, make sure you are opting for a product that is gluten-free but contains a high amount of nutrients.

Bonus Tip

If you prefer dry kibbles for your pup and he enjoys that then feed them a sufficient amount of water to keep him hydrated.

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