Understanding the language of the dog

Dogs are our best buddies, and we all wish to know about their thinking and emotions. Well! It's not that difficult. You can understand what your dog is feeling or trying to tell you if you pay a little extra attention. Dogs always try to talk to us through their actions. you just need to understand their body language.   Being able to understand the dog's language is the most essential part of pet parenting. Try to find the meaning behind their actions and hints. They will tell you how they are feeling without using words. Dogs show different emotions through different gestures. Here I will explain some of them to help you learn your dog's language.

Happy dog

Happy dogs are everyone's favorite. The easiest and quickest emotion that you can understand by looking at a dog is its happiness. The dogs don't smile like a human, but they show their happiness by their body language. If you can spot the following signs in your dog, then he is surely very happy. 

  • He has shaggy ears. 
  • His mouth is a bit opened.
  • His tail is wagging. A happy dog wags his tail vigorously. 
  • Relaxed head and eyes. 

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Angry Dog

A dog can easily get angry if he is scared of something. They show their aggression through their eyes and barking. Angry dogs try to threaten their enemies by staring at them with their wide-open eyes. If you see a dog with this expression, try to handle the situation and calm him down immediately. You can spot the following changes in the body language of your dog if he is aggressive. 

  • Stiff body.
  • Barking
  • Growling
  • Biting
  • Stiff tail
  • Wide-open eyes
  • Bared teeth

These are the threats dogs use when they are aggressive.

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Scared dog

If your dog is afraid of something you will easily know by their body language. Fearful dogs show easily noticeable and very intense expressions.   Different dogs can show different reactions to something they are afraid of. Some dogs try to look smaller while others growl loudly. One thing is common in all dogs. They will move their head slightly away from the thing they are scared of while continuously looking at it. A frightened dog will :

  • Widely opens his eyes.
  • Moves around quickly.
  • Stares at the thing or human they are scared of.
  • Lick their lips.
  • Tensed ears and head
  • Still tail.

A dog goes back to its normal position as soon as he realizes that the danger is over.

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Relaxed or Neutral dog

Your dog will remain relaxed if he has good health, spends the time in his safe place, eats and trains perfectly, and has a good manner of course. Most of the time he will lay down quietly to feel comfortable.

  • He will show no sign of tension through his body language. 
  • His eyes and eyebrows will be relaxed and smooth. 
  • His ears will be loose. 
  • There will be no sign of stiffness in his body. His mouth will be closed or a bit opened.
  • He will look peaceful and comfortable.

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