5 ways to encourage your dog to behave positively

Being a pet parent is a big responsibility. There are many things you should take care of if you are a dog parent. Training is also very important with other basic needs. Everyone wants their dog to behave positively in every situation and it is crucial for their well-being too. If your dog shows unwanted behavior, you must tell them that they should watch their actions. You can teach them to behave positively by following some simple steps. It is always easier to train your dog at a young age. They adapt to things quickly at this age and learn to behave positively.

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Teach your dog different commands

 Train your dog to respond to your commands. It is the perfect way to encourage them to show good behavior. If your dog learns and responds to your commands, you can tell him whenever his behaviors are unacceptable and tell them to behave in a different way. It also helps to calm down an aggressive dog. If your dog doesn't obey you immediately, he needs more training.  


Reward them with treats 

 Appreciation is the most important part of teaching your dog to behave positively. Always tell him when you are happy with his actions or whenever he follows your commands. Give him his favorite treat and praise him.  Continuous praise motivates him to behave positively again and again. Dogs love being rewarded, and it will show them that they are doing it right. 


Spend quality good time with your dog

Dogs need our love and affection. They love to play with you as much as you love to play with them. Try to spend quality time with your dog every day. It will make them feel loved and they will return this love in a good way. On the other hand, leaving your dog alone for a long period causes anxiety and makes them more aggressive.  They love attention and want your attention all the time. Your dog will tend to have a positive attitude if he gets enough attention and affection. You can also invite your family members to spend time with the dog. It will boost their confidence and encourage them to behave in a positive manner.

Discourage excessive barking

Barking is a normal behavior of dogs but if your dog barks excessively it is time to stop them. Barking is the most negative behavior among those people who do not have a dog. Your dog can scare people and other dogs if he has a habit of barking excessively. You can change their habit but first, find the reason behind their barking. 

If your dog barks when you leave the home, it is probably due to separation anxiety. Give them more attention to stop this behavior. If your dogs bark at people passing by the street. Teach him short commands to calm him down. Try to keep him busy all the time by giving him toys to avoid barking.

Take care of their routine

If you want your dog to show positive behavior, set a proper routine for him and provide him with nutritious food. The daily routine will keep your dog calm as he will be aware of all the activities happening during the day. Good food keeps them healthy and improves their mood. So, he will show more positive behavior.