How does our lifestyle affect our pet?

Pets may be affected by the same negative health patterns that affect humans, too. It is perfectly normal, in these difficult times, to indulge in certain habits that are "bad" for our physical and mental health. You should know that these habits are often temporary, as they're the result of our travel and social time being limited by the virus. We humans seem to now have new priorities : protecting ourselves and our loved ones from the virus, while trying to keep on a 'normal' life. 

We also spend much more time at home, whether we work or not.

But this is not a fatality at all. As long as you keep take caring of you, your loved ones (that includes your pet). Isn't that a good reason to stay healthy? This starts, very often, with the lifestyle that we decide to adopt on a daily basis. Good news : understanding these patterns can be a real motivator to change your lifestyle and feel better in general. So, what toxic human activities are more harmful to your cat or pup ? Here are a few examples. As a proud pet owner, you know this life comes with some responsibility toward your loved pet. The goal is not to be blameless, but to make sure that our furry friends have a full, loving and problem-free life.


You may already know this but smoking next to them can lead the pet to have asthma and constant respiratory conditions, however cellular breakdown in the lungs is abnormal in canines and phenomenal in felines, says Douglas As stars, DVM, leader of the American Veterinary Medical Association, and accomplice at Bond Animal Hospital in White Plains, N.Y. Also, felines are known to create mouth malignancy from defeat smoke particles from their hair.

Clean the cat down daily with a wet towel to extract cigarette traces from her hair whether you or someone in the household cigarettes.

Seat Belt

For humans and dogs, getting in a vehicle without buckling up is a terrible idea.  Going unexpectedly from 100 to 0 mph in the length of a car without acceptable limitation, regardless of whether it's you or your dog, is certifiably not a remedy for good well-being. In all actuality, a pet safety belt bill is being considered by officials in New Jersey. You can also use a dog-specified car seat cover to make the journey more comfortable for you and your dog. 

There should be cats in carriers, not freely roaming in the boot. With a seat belt and leash, available at our online store you can keep your dog safe.

Eating Snack

Overeating helps people to pile on the pounds — and sharing goodies with their animals also places them on the road to obesity. For pets, such foods, such as chocolate and raisins, can be poisonous. You may know this rule but : you shouldn't be giving your pet food directly from your table during dinner. You can also learn to avoid snacking when you're not particularly hungry (at least in front of your pet). That way, your pet won't have to beg for anything or think lunch time occurs multiple times a day.

Living on the Sofa

Is a trip to the mailbox your definition of exercise? If so, odds are your dog is still inactive. Regular training helps keep the weight of your dog in place, builds muscle strength, and increases lung capacity, experts say. Involved breeds should earn 45 minutes a day of activity. Smaller dogs don't like that much, but every day, they do need to run out. 

If you're lazy, chances are the dog can lead both you and her to health risks, too.

How Pets take out loneliness from life

It is known that having a pet also help maintain loneliness. For older people whose families have moved on, this is extremely so. Pets make wonderful friends and all manner of sadness can be taken away from their actions. An animal's companionship takes away a lot of fear and that makes a human in their situation feel more relaxed. The owners of pets are known for speaking with their cat or dog. It may sound strange to other persons, but this is a type of counseling. Being willing to care for an animal enables a feeling of duty for the owner. Also, it gives their lives meaning because the person knows that their pet relies on them for almost everything. 

Loneliness is also motivated by the way animals are perfect at meeting individuals. It often happens that on your morning or evening stroll, dog owners can sit to talk with each other. Being able to communicate with others makes it easier to have very important personal contact. Dogs and cats help crack the cold.