Should You take your Cat Outside?

Should You take your Cat Outside?


A domestic cat has a more straightforward life as compared to an outdoor cat. There are so many dangers for cats out there which your indoor cat doesn't have to face. They don't see vehicles, smoke, other animals, and different toxins in their daily life. So, they don't know how to deal with them if they encounter any of these things. Likewise, an outdoor cat feels depressed and anxious if kept inside the house for a long time. Must you be thinking that is it ok to take your cat outside? Well! It is a good thing to take it outside sometimes. It will be good for their mental stimulation, and your cat will learn how to deal with danger. But you must be very careful as everything is new for your cat and can be harmful to them. I have some tips for you if you want to take your indoor cat outside.


Train your cat


If your cat doesn't wear any leash, it is crucial to train her before going outside. It is not difficult to train a cat. They can be easily trained to wear a leash. It is essential for their safety if you want to take them to a pet park or any other place with you.

Also, train your cat on come back command. If your cat comes back to you when you call its name, it has fewer chances to get lost while roaming outside. You can do this by offering your cat its favorite toy or treat. Every time it comes on your call, reward it with a treat.



Make preparations before going outside


This is the most important step before letting your cat go outside. Ensure that your cat can be recognized if it is lost. Put a collar on your cat's neck with an identity tag on it. The tag should contain all the necessary information to contact you immediately if someone finds it injured or lost. Microchipping the cat is also a good idea. Keep the chip up to date with the recent details so that the chip will connect to your contact information whenever your cat is scanned.


Don't rim its claws


Claws are the natural weapon of cats to protect themselves from other animals. Most vets suggest that you shouldn't allow your cat outside if it is declawed. So, if you want to take your cat outside, make sure not to trim its claws. It will help her to escape any danger.


Monitor your cat for the first few times


If your cat is not used to going outside, you must monitor her first few times. Go with her and try not to lose her sight. Call its name, again and again, so she comes back to you and stays around you. When you think that your cat is fully aware of the outside world and can go out on its own, let her go alone. Installing a cat door is a perfect idea to let your cat roam freely in and outside the house whenever it wants.