Presidents and their Dogs

Presidents and their Dogs


President dogs have been in highlight since forever. Either it is Obama's popular Portuguese dogs or Macron’s most popular dog Nemo, the list never ends when it comes to Presidents and their famous dogs. Many of them had some funny encounters with the journalists and paparazzi. Many dogs even embarrassed their (President) owners in front of everyone. There are so many controversies about presidents’ dogs.  Let's have a look at the most popular President's dogs in history. There is a lot of interesting stuff about them that you might didn't know before.


Macron’s dog Nemo


Nemo has been the center of attention of all the people for so many reasons. French President Macron and his wife adopted this Labrador-griffon mix from an animal shelter. Its name was Marin at that time. The president named it Nemo after bringing it home. Nemo is Marcon’s favorite movie character. That's why he chose this name for his beloved dog. Nemo caught attention when it interrupted an important meeting of the president with other officials. His video of peeing near the fireplace went viral. Nemo is the coolest dog that has its own style. He has been seen wearing the most stylish and comfortable accessories and clothes by Petsochic!


George Washington and his dogs


George Washington is a historical figure. Just like so many other Presidents, he loved the company of dogs. He had several hounds that he brought from England. Marquis de Lafayette also gifted him seven French hounds. George Washington is considered the forefather of today's American Foxhound, as he bred the hounds so carefully. He is the central figure in the development of Foxhounds.


Joe Biden's dogs Champ and Major


Like all other presidents, Joe Biden and his wife are also dog lovers. Champ and Major are their beloved German Shepherd dogs. The story of Joe Biden's dog is very interesting. In 2008 he promised his wife to get a dog if Barak Obama won the election. When Obama won, Jill Biden pinned many dog pictures to the campaign plane of Joe. He chose one and got his dog from Pennsylvania. The name "Major" was chosen by his granddaughters. Later he got his second dog named "Champ".


Bill Clinton's dog Buddy


Bill Clinton's late uncle named Henry "Buddy" Grisham raised so many dogs. He was the most significant influencer for Bill; that's why he named his dog Buddy. Buddy had his own fan base. Many fans made websites in his name. There are many funny stories about this dog. He used to fight with Bill Clinton's cat-like brothers and sisters. The first lady Hillary Clinton wrote a book about the fandom and attention that Buddy and Socks received.


John F. Kennedy's dogs


John F. Kennedy had several dogs. All dogs were of different breeds, including Welsh Terrie, Irish Wolfhound aptly, German Shepherd Dog and English Cocker Spaniel. Charlie, Wolf, Clipper and Shannon were his most famous dogs. A mixed-breed dog named Pushinka was given to John by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev.