Five book recommendations for dog lovers

Five Book Recommendations for Dog Lovers


Dogs have a great literary history. If you are a dog lover, you must be curious about their history. Moreover, every dog lover wants to know everything about dogs: their habits, breeds, behaviors, and other things. There are so many dog books that you can read to increase your knowledge. However, every dog book out there is not good. I have read so many books and shortlisted some of the best dog books for you.

Off the Leash: A Year in the Dog Park

By Mathew Gilbert


This book is fun to read. Mathew Gilbert wrote about the things he experienced while visiting a dog park with his first dog ever. He shared funny and interesting incidents that occurred there when he met other dogs and their owners. The stories are highly amusing, and if you are a person who loves to take his dog to the dog park, you can definitely relate to his stories.


A dog's Luck

By Liora Barash Morgenstern


A dog's Luck is a historical novel. It is the story of three generations, including their dogs. This book is about a young girl Ellie working on her philosophy dissertation, is interrupted by echoes of the past. She even finds out many family secrets by following the past voice in her head. Especially the relationship with dogs helps her find out about the family's history and the mysteries of the three generations.  It is a heart-touching novel. It narrates all the aspects of life, including love, attachment, separation, and loss. Once you start reading it, it will be difficult for you to put it down before finishing.


Lassie Come Home

By Eric Knight


You must have watched this movie, but most of us don't know that it was a novel written by Eric Knight. It was published in 1940. It is a very emotional and heart-touching story. Lassie is a canine character who loves his owner unconditionally. The boy who is the owner of Lassie sells her when his father loses his job. Lassie is an exceptional dog who somehow manages to return to her owner every time. I am sure that you will fall in love with this book as soon as you start reading it. Many people read it again and again and share the story with the next generation.



The Art of Racing in the Rain

By Garth Stein


The Art of Racing in the Rain is a fantastic book for a dog lover. It was published in 2008. A dog itself narrates this book. Enzo is a different dog, and he knows it. He thinks almost like a human. This book is so much enjoyable to read as the dog learns many things from television. He also listens to the words spoken by his owner to understand the meaning. He tries to understand the life of a human. This book is funny, exciting, and enjoyable for every age group. It tells us about pure love and affection. Add this book to your wishlist now, and you will not regret it.