Five fruits your dog can eat

 Five fruits your dog can eat



Fruits and vegetables have many excellent health benefits. They are loaded with so many essential nutrients that can do wonders for your dog's health. Do you want to include some fresh and tasty fruits in your dog's diet and are confused about which fruits your dog can eat? Well, there are so many fruits that your dog can eat and digest. You can now find even fruit-flavored treats for your dogs. I have shortlisted some delicious fruits that will be beneficial for your dog. But always monitor your dog after feeding them any new fruit for the first time. Here is the list of five fruits packed with nutrients that your dog can eat.




1: Banana


Banana is a fruit that your dog can easily consume. They are low in calories and rich in nutrients. You can offer bananas as a healthy treat to your pup. They contain fiber, copper, potassium, and many good vitamins. You need to remember only one thing while feeding your dog this fruit that they have high sugar. Therefore, always feed a small portion to your dog as a treat and never offer them bananas as the main course of their meal.




2: Mango


Mango is one of the best things about summers. Your dog can eat them, too, but in moderation. This delicious fruit is packed with both alpha-carotene and beta-carotene. Mango also contains vitamins B6, A, C, and E. Moreover, this summer treat is rich in potassium. So, your dog can get many health benefits if you include mangoes in his diet. Don't forget to remove the seed, as it can be a choking hazard for your dog.


3: Peaches

Peaches are perfectly edible for your little furry friend. I recommend you avoid canned peaches as there is a lot of sugar syrup in canned fruits. Fresh or frozen peaches are the best options if you want to include this fruit in your dog's diet. But remove the pit first because it contains cyanide that is dangerous for dogs.




4: Watermelon



Watermelon can be a great addition to your dog's diet. It can be the perfect choice to keep your pup hydrated during hot days as it contains a large amount of water. Watermelon has natural sugar and many other healthy nutrients, i.e., Vitamin B6, A, and C. They are also rich in lycopene and potassium. But be careful with the seeds as they can cause blockage in your pet's intestine. Otherwise, watermelon pulp is fine to eat for your dog.


5: Apple


Apples are as good for dog's health as for humans. They positively affect your dog's body. They provide so many healthy nutrients and increase the metabolism of your pup. Apples can be a perfect low-fat and low-protein food for senior dogs. They will provide some excellent nutrients such as fiber, vitamin A and C to your dog's body. If you start feeding your dog apples off and on, you will definitely see the change in their health.