How to do DOGA (yoga with dog)


How to do DOGA (yoga with dog)

There is a new fun way to help enhance your body posture, relax, relief stress, and achieve a better and sound sleep: DOGA. Yes! That’s exactly what you heard, Doga. Just as the name sounds, this is simply practicing yoga with your dog. Now, how exciting does it feel knowing you can actually enjoy the thousands of years mind and body practice with your pooch? Pretty amazing I must say. The life enriching practice is extremely beneficial in the sense that it will help improve your furry companion’s circulation. Not to mention the greatest benefit of all which is that it gives you both an opportunity to spend quality time together and bond stronger like never before.

Here are a few poses you can practice with your dog.

Before you start, you and your dog should get relaxed first. Sit with your legs crossed, slowly take deep breaths focusing and thinking about your dog until you’re in sync with her. While still sitting upright, gently massage your dog to help her relax as well. Remain sited for about 2 minutes.


This simple pose involves getting your pooch to lay down on her stomach while you gently stroke and massage her back.

Heart to Hound Mundra

Here you’ll have your dog in front of you and facing forward while you sit with your legs crossed. Now bring your hand and rest it over your heart while also resting your other hand over your dog’s heart. Concentrate on your breathing with your eyes closed and connect with your dog.


In this pose you’ll need to hold your dog from behind and get her to sit back on her hind legs. Next thing is to help raise both front paws up to the air while she’s sited. While her front paws are lifted, you’ll want to give her a mild massage on the shoulder to give her a good stretch.


Allow your dog to lie comfortably on the ground on her back displaying her belly. Now pet her belly. 

Puppy Paw Mudra

To achieve this pose, you’ll need your dog to lie down while extending her front legs this time. Go behind your dog, kneel down, then bend down so your head is on her back and your hands extended outwards holding her front paws. Now turn your head to one side and breath.


Bring back yoga into your daily life but this time even better, with your dog. DO NOT force your dog to do any pose, instead feed his curiosity and encourage to join in.  Wanna customize “DOGGA” on your products or any other name ? Click here for our exclusive custom collars and leashes.