Breeds of cats

Breeds Of Cats


Just like any pet, every cat has its own distinctive personality. They come in different shapes and sizes, some independent, others are social. Some cats are best known for their long furs, while others have short furs. Some even shed more than others. They are undeniably loveable and will continue to hold a special place in the hearts of many pet lovers.

The Maine Coon Cat

The Maine coon cat hails from Maine New England. Popularly known for their large size and very thick fur. This breed is considered one of the largest domestic breed of cats, highly intelligent, playful, and gentle. They have cute long fur and can endure harsh weather. Naturally they are not needy, but they like a lot of attention and like following people around. They are pet friendly, kid friendly, and easy to groom. The average male Maine coon weighs between 12 – 18 pounds while the female weighs between 10 – 14 pounds. They take time to mature and can take three to four years to mature fully.

Siamese Cat

A popular household choice and full of energy, the Siamese breed is a natural breed and can be linked to the creation of several other breeds like the Tonkinese, Oriental, Balinese, etc. They tend to be very attached to their people and are very vocal, preferring to let the cat out of the bag rather than piling it all up. These cats are very sociable and would prefer that you listen to them and shower them with lots of attention. They have their eyes shaped like an almond. Athletic, intelligent, and very loving. Siamese cats requires regular grooming.

Abyssinian Cat

The Abyssinian cats also known as Aby are curious by nature, always busy, playful, and enjoy playing in water. An average Abyssinian cat weighs between 6 – 10 pounds. They are fascinated by height and will climb to get as high as possible. They adapt very easily and like to be the center of attraction. They are medium-sized cats and are well known for their short, ticked and shiny fur. These cats tend to play a lot but are shy around strangers. Confining an Abyssinian cat is not advised, instead give them a lot of space. They are easy to care for and also pet friendly.

Persian Cat

Popular known for their round face and long hair, the Persian cats are one of the oldest cat breeds. You’ll quickly notice its short and thick neck, big, round, and highly expressive eyes. These cats are calm and best to keep them indoors. Their long fur requires daily baths and regular grooming to keep them free from knots and mats. They shed a lot but adapt very easily and are very affectionate. They are highly devoted and do exceptionally well in a comfortable environment that makes them feel safe.

There you have it. These are the 4 most popular cat breeds. For pet lovers thinking of adopting a quiet feline friend the Persian cat is probably the ideal breed for you. For those who’d prefer a much more active breed, an Abyssinian would do just fine. Check out our new cute collection of cat collars today.