How to be respected by your dog


How To Be Respected By Your Dog

Every human appreciates being respected by their friends, family members, colleagues, and most certainly by their dogs. You had a guest over at your place (probably a familiar face), and just as he steps in your 90 pounds German Shepherd jumps on him to greet him. Instantly you instruct your dog to back off, but then he refuses to heed your command. How much more disrespect than you take from your canine? I’m guessing the answer to that is “zero” which is why you’re here, searching for a way out on how to get your dog to respect you. These tips will help you teach your furry friend to respect you



Dogs live in a social system where they are used to having a pack leader. Whenever your dog exhibits a bad behaviour, immediately correct her with an authoritative voice using a non-violent method letting her know you are in charge and not the other way round. In as much as it is entirely uncool to beat your dog or scream, it is also wise not to let her get away with any act of disobedience. Shower her with praises and treats when she behaves well.


Let your dog understand that you’re her leader by teaching her to wait for your command before taking any action. Teaching your dog some basic obedience training like “sit” “stand” “come” will come in handy when you’re both getting ready to take a walk to the park. Instead of having an overly excited dog who would normally rush out immediately the door is opened, you’ll get an obedient and respectful dog who’ll sit by the door waiting for your permission to go out after you must have passed through.


Allowing a dog in training to play with your hand today and then punishing her harshly the next day for doing the same thing will only end up confusing your pooch, and we don’t want that. As with anything else, the key is consistency. Whatever rule you have laid down from day 1, be consistent.


We all deserve a little care every now and then and same applies for our favourite pet. They depend on us for literally all things from food provision, guidance, and protection. A dog who knows you always got her back will trust and definitely respect you.

Early Training

As with every other training, it is best you start training your dog to be respectful when she’s still little. This way, as she grows it’ll be very easy for her know her boundaries and respect your commands since she’s pretty much accustomed to it already.


Just like I stated in the beginning, dogs are used to having a leader and since they are not in the wild to have mama dog lead them, the mantle now falls on you to guide them. Once that is achieved and they’ve learnt to trust you, they’ll surely respect you. Click here for exclusive access to our unique dog accessories !