7 Fun Ways to enjoy this holiday with your pet

Holidays are a great time to celebrate with your friends and families. Also, this is when we get more time to strengthen our relationship with our furry friends. You’ll see that there are various ways you can have fun with your dog.  

Thus, in this article, you will learn 7 fun ways to celebrate holidays with your pets. 


Go For a Walk  

With the cooler air coming in, the conditions become perfect for you and your furry friend to trek those forest trails. Additionally, going for a walk with your dog fosters the bond between both of  you. 

Pets love exploring new areas, for example, new forest trails, and thus fail should be a perfect time  to trek with your dog. 


Give Your Dog a Special Treat  

As you make some delicacies for your family, don't forget your pet. You can make some crunchy pet friendly biscuits or cookies for your pet. 

Additionally, you can make some feline friend friendly cakes for your cat to enjoy. 


Take Lots of Photos  

Taking a photo with your pet is one of the fun ways to enjoy free time with them. 

Say cheese. Hoping your pet will comply. It’s time to take great photos with your  family. However, don't forget to include your pet in your memorial photo. Who knows, maybe they  hate it when we leave them out.  


Time to Watch a Movie  

What you may never know is that pets too love watching movies, for example, dogs love cartoons.  Watching a movie is one of the fun ways to chill with your pet. Grab your popcorn, hold  your pet on your lap and switch off the lights. It's movie time.

Arrange a Pet Party  

Want to have a fun way to celebrate fall with your pet and arrange a pet party. Here you can invite your friends and their pets for a short pet-friendly party. 

The pets can participate in games and tricks that they love and later you can reward them. 

Go for a shopping session

Who doesn’t love a shopping trip ? For yourself of course, but don't forget your loulou either, he might frown on you... 

And if you took advantage of your vacations to redo your dog's wardrobe or his stock of toys? What could be cooler than a new Petsochic leather set to match your style and start the winter in class?  You and your dog will be the fanciest in the neighborhood, we guarantee it. 

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Spa day with your pet

Yes yes, you read us right, a wellness day. 

Take advantage of this vacation to give your dog a makeover at the Spa Petsochic, the most chic grooming salon in Paris. On the menu, much more than simple grooming services: high-end treatments adapted to the coat, a relaxing massage...a real wellness salon for your pets. 

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Final Thought  

Pets are part of our family, and so we should never leave them out when it comes to any celebration  in our lives. 

If you have been struggling to find ways to have fun with your pet, then the above guides can  help you make up your mind.