Ever Tried Meditation with Your Dog ? Here's Why You Should Go For It

Practicing meditation has a myriad of benefits on your physical and mental health. Additionally, it’s a practice that drives in relaxation, happiness, and full awareness to yourself. Furthermore, meditation is under the class of alternate medicine. However, have you ever tried meditating with your dog?

You can try practicing meditation with your dog, and you will love how they will gladly receive this new challenge.

Meditation Options to Practice with Your Dog

Breathing Exercise meditation

Put your four-legged companion on your lap and try to synchronize your breath with your pet.

Walking meditation

If your dog is uncomfortable sitting still for long, you can try walking together in a serene environment. Practicing these helps you become attuned to your companion’s energy flow. So let dive in and have a look at why you should try meditation with your dog.

Helps in Reducing Stress

Meditation can be a lifesaver when it comes to an old or ailing dog. Reason being, some disease, for example, cancer, makes your dog live in outmost pain and stress. Meditating with your pet helps them relax and gain trust in you.

Meditating with your dog can help calm your mind and thoughts as you relax with them. That said, it’s a win-win situation for both of you.

Deals with Separation Anxiety in Dogs

Leaving your dog alone for long can help culture separation anxiety disorder. Even though we have medication for this disorder, meditation can be a perfect complement to western medicine. Meditation will also help relieve that anxiety that comes along with newly adopted dogs. The reason being, you generate a source of assurance to them that you care about their wellbeing by focusing all your energy on them.

To calm your dog, you can share 10 minutes of meditation before you leave for work. Gradually, this reduces any anxiety that may be developing.

Meditation Is A Good Way to Bond with your pet

What you probably already know, is that dogs love spending time with you. You are their world. Meditating with your dog helps you understand their strength or any unbecoming behaviors. Also, the dog can learn the aspect of obedience and respect as you create a rapport with it, thus, enhancing the bond both of you have.

Meditation is fun and exciting

Meditating alone can sometimes bring in boredom. However, you can ensure its exciting when your dog is part of it. What's more, with your dog right beside you, you get that zeal and power to practice meditation.

In conclusion

Meditation with your canine friend is easy to do. Furthermore, you don’t need any extra equipment to practice this natural remedy.

Meditating with your dog can be a perfect way to relieve you of the worries of this stressful world.

 Hence the reason I always term meditation as a stress buster.