Guide For Safe and Fun Forest Walks With Your Dog

Like us, humans, dogs love adventures as well as exploring new localities. Additionally, walking around the forest helps you and your dog keep fit while relaxing. Furthermore, hiking helps to strengthen the relationship you have with your dog. 

However, taking your dog with you around the forest requires preparation. Remember, proper preparation is the key to a successful hike with your dog. So, in this article, you will learn how you can keep your dog safe and happy by following these guides.

Is Your Dog Fit And Ready? 

Before going for that walk, ensure your dog is physically fit. Dogs tire quickly, thus it better you build your dog’s endurance before taking those walks. How do you ensure your dog is fit? Build up your dog’s stamina by taking short trails now and then before taking that long walk around the forest. Also, you can visit your vet for a checkup before you go for that long fun forest walk with your dog. Your vet may advise you whether your dog’s breed is fit for long walks. Dogs with short snouts (brachycephalic dogs) for example, French dogs and pugs are more prone to exhaustion due to their constricted air pathways. 

Prepare Your Dog’s Paws 

Dogs paws are very sensitive, and so they require tender care before you take that long walk. You can get dog’s booties to prevent injury on their paws. Before taking that long hike, train your dog on how to walk with these booties. Also, apply paw protection wax to protect your dog’s paws from the harsh forest surfaces. 

Remember, you want to have a fun forest walk with your dog. Walks full of happiness, not anguish on your furry friend. 

Vaccinate Your Dog 

Responsible dog owners always vaccinate their dogs. So, make sure you visit your vet for advice and update of the necessary vaccination. Additionally, the vet may advise you on which parasite preventative you can arm yourself with you. Parasites like ticks and fleas can be a nuisance on your dog. 

Things to take with you:

Carry With You Water and a Water Bowl

To prevent you from becoming dehydrated, always carry enough water with you. Don't let your dog drink water from springs or culverts as they may be full of parasites 

Dog’s First Aid Kit

As you have fun forest walks with your dog a dog's first aid kit should come in hand. This first aid kit should have antiseptic creams and solution, strappings, bandages, and tweezers. 

Food and Snacks 

To replenish your dog’s energy level along the way, carry some treats and dry food for your dog. 

Poop Bag 

Be a responsible dog owner by collecting your dog’s poop and disposing of it in a poop bag. Furthermore, leaving your dog’s poop unattended may be disgusting to other hikers. Additionally, your dog’s droppings might spread pathogens to other dogs or even other dog owners. 

Nota bene 

Always leash your dog. Other hikers or dogs might be scared of an unleashed dog. To add you can arm yourself with an extra leash in case the one breaks. 


The above points illustrate the guides for safe and fun forest walks with your dog. Thus for you to become a responsible dog owner follow these safety guidelines. 

Hail to all pet owners who follow these guides diligently.