10 Common Misconceptions About Cats

We all know that cats are mysterious creatures. That is why most people love them and want to keep them as a pet at home. But many people even have some misconceptions about these cute furry creatures. 

If you are also crazy about bringing a cat to your home, it is first important to clear those misconceptions so that you can have a happy time with your pet. Below we have listed a few thoughts that everyone believes around but are untrue:

  • They don’t need attention:

  • Although cats are better called as solitary animals, it doesn’t mean that they are anti-social. Cats love to enjoy strong bonds with humans for extended periods. They seek affection, attention, and love to stay happy. 

  • They cannot be trained:

  • Many people say that it is easier to train dogs to do some specific tasks, but one cannot teach cats. But actually, they are good learners. You can teach them several tricks with routine practice, and they will perform them well. 

  • Indoor cats don’t get sick:

  • It is believed that the general health of indoor cats is usually better than outdoor ones. But we cannot say that they never get ill. You need to schedule proper vaccination and checkups, as well as an healthy alimentation to maintain their health.

  • They can always land on feet:
  • We know that cats are very agile, and you may have seen them landing on their feet most of the time. But sometimes they can also get indulged in serious accidents, even when they fall from small heights. 

  • They don’t need exercise:
  • Well, it is important to understand that to stay fit and healthy, all creatures need to do exercises. To boost their mental and physical health, you should help them to some workout every day.

  • A pregnant woman should not own a cat:

  • It is observed that pregnant women are at the risk of a Toxoplasmosis infection due to cats. This disease spread due to the contaminated litter and feces of the cat. So, it is important to ensure that pregnant women do not clean those litters. However, petting a cat or having that furry creature around couldn’t harm you.

  • Black cats come with bad luck:

  • It is high time to get rid of this myth that was spread by ancient people who were associated with witchcraft. In actuality, black cats are equally good and adorable. They can make your life happy with their unconditional love. 

  • Cat declawing is harmless:

  • Many people use this popular method to avoid the destruction caused by cat claws. But this practice is very painful for these little furry animals. Moreover, it can leave long-lasting ill-effects to the cat.

  • Cats should drink lots of milk:

  • You might have heard stories that cats drink all the milk in the house. But medical professionals say that too much milk can cause gastrointestinal problems to cats. 

    The truth is, you should never feed an adult cat milk!

  • Cats are blessed with 9 lives:

  • If you have heard this, it is important to avoid trusting this myth. It is important to care about the health of your cat as they have only one life like other living beings.