End of quarantine : these dogs transformed after their grooming session at the Spa Petsochic

The end of quarantine was a relief for everyone. Admit it, who did not rush to the hairdresser after two months without hair maintenance? Not surprisingly, the same goes for our four-legged companions...dog owners know this well.
Molting and hair loss, knots of all kinds, hygiene: some may have tried to take care of their fur babies at home, others preferred to wait for the groomers to do it instead.
Some dog breeds require precise and regular maintenance that only professional groomers can really master.

The Spa Petsochic reopened its doors in May and it is with joy that our team took care of these furry companions after months without grooming.
They really needed it...the results are amazing!

Discover in photos these transformed dogs after their well-deserved grooming session!

Thanks to Samantha and Jennyfer, our expert groomers, who made an incredible job!
Gasper the little Westie
Ouzo, the Airdale terrier
Mojo the Spitz
Nash the Cotton of Tuléar
Nala the Royal Doodle
Need a grooming session for your dog? Come to the Spa Petsochic and discover luxury in a unique grooming salon located in the heart of Paris. 
Our goal is to improve the health of both the hair and the skin of your dog. For any of our dog grooming services, we will provide a custom care based on the type of hair and breed of your dog as well as his skin characteristics.
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