Guide to summer safety for cats

Summertime means more fun and more outdoor activities for your pet. Cats love to stay outdoor during this time, and therefore it becomes essential to take safety measures for them. During summers, you will see the playful nature of your cat and grow a bond. The most common aspects that you will see in a pet during summers include skin and ear infections, heat stroke, more shredding, and injuries. 

Your pet is your responsibility, so make sure you follow the tips mentioned below to ensure their safety:

  • The foremost thing that you need to work on is the dangers your cat could face outside. Cats can become targets of many predators and diseases. It would help if you kept them safe from fishers, owls, and coyotes. To make sure your cat does not catch any infection or illness, you have to give the vaccines on time. Mice might keep your pet entertained but they pass-on parasites like roundworms and tapeworms. Make sure to check your cat correctly and keep it clean. 


  • The next thing you need to consider is to take care of the cat from ticks and fleas. During summers, when your pet goes out in grass or dirty places, the possibility is that it will get exposed to ticks and fleas. These tiny-little creatures cause significant problems and irritation in a pet. Your pet will not be able to tell you about it, but you need to take the necessary precautions. Give your cat a bath frequently to keep it clean. 


  • Consuming hairballs is another problem that is most common during summers. Whenever you take a cat for grooming, make sure it does not swallow fur. These cause severe issues like dry cough, constipation, lethargy, depression, and a lot more. You don’t want your little pet to go through such conditions. Therefore, make sure while grooming or otherwise, the cat does not swallow fur. 


  • Safety from the sun is the primary thing that you need to consider. Even though the cats are less likely to get heatstroke, there are problems that the hot weather might cause. The color and fur of your cat act as a protector against the harsh sun rays. The darker the coat, the more your kitten will be protected from harmful rays. During this time of the year, you should focus on increasing liquid intake for your pet. In case your cat gets dehydrated, you need to take it to the vet immediately. 


  • Avoid human food during parties. If you have many parties, and your pet gets invited, ask your friends or guests ‘NOT to Feed them’. Everyone tries to show love, but you should avoid it in the form of offering human food. It would be best if you got your cat out from the guest list during this time. 


These are the crucial things that you need to consider during summertime.

Once you understand the importance of taking care of your cat, you will have to be responsible for every move. Make sure you and your pet enjoy summers and be safe.