Are you planning an epic road trip with your dog ? Important tips and a list of what you'll need

For some pets, a ride in a car is one of the happy euphoric experiences. And for others, can be an annoying moment that leaves them shivering and taut.

What compels the difference in behavior?

In simpler words, if the destination of your car ride is a pet clinic only, your pooches probably are not going to rejoice whatever (a car ride or not) gets them there. But if you take them often to gardens, lakes, beaches, and shopping expeditions in your car, well, then road trips will surely be loved.

If you want to ensure a safe and entertained road trips for pets, then there are a few considerable tips.


Packing - What do I have to pack along?

If you are taking your pooch along, you will need to carry along a few essentials. Proper packing makes you well-equipped to deal with fumbles and provide your pooch with everything they could need during the road trip.

Some items you should pack along:

  • Updated health record of all his vaccines
  • Paper Towels and poop bags
  • Water, their bowl, his food, and some treats
  • His bed. Petsochic pet beds are great for traveling because thanks to its air compression bag and air pump, you can take your pet bed everywhere with you! Your pet will always have a restful sleep while its travel.
  • His collar or harness and a leash. It is essential not to forget his medal with your phone number on it.
  • A transport box for your road trip, along with a car seat cover to protect your car seat from hairs or little accidents. 
  • His favorite toys, of course!
  • A lifeguard jacket is essential if you plan to bring him to the beach, for example.
  • Some towels to wipe him after showering or bathing in the sea
  • Some meds and a first-aid kit


Familiarize your pooches with car rides


The most significant tip to make car rides a pleasant experience from the very moment you welcome pets in your family. While driving your new pet home, vets recommend to pack them in a crate to make a safe
and less stressful ride for them. Also, you can ask a friend or family to sit with your pooch, cuddle, and pet them for all the reassurance they need.
Within the first days of being home, you can take your puppy to a fun play like a beach, lake, or park in a car. This will help them relate car rides with good things. Ensure to make familiarizing trips pleasant by talking to them throughout the ride and by not playing the music loud.

Safety for reassurance

A car ride must be safe, pet owners can use a safety harness, or crate to restrict movement. These measures won't allow the dog to slide around the car.

Some of us may think using a harness is a bit compulsive but ever wondered what would happen if you brake suddenly or crash.

A safety harness will:
● keep the pet protected by holding them from hitting the windshield.
● keep the dog protected by keeping them from flying out of the car.
● keep you and fellow passengers safe from a flying dog.
Most importantly do not put your dog in your laps while driving and keep them out of the front seat.

Did you know deployed airbags have a potency to kill small pups? The front seat and lap seat may distract the driver and cause accidents.

Refrain from leaving your pooch in the automobile alone, neither on a hot nor on a cold day. Even spending fifteen minutes in a hot car (102 degrees F) can lead to brain damage, and extreme cold can
freeze them to death.


With a few safety precautions and some preparations, car rides can be both enjoyable and safe for your pooch. Happy holidays to everyone!