Breeds of Dogs


Breeds of dogs

 It’s always been tough trying to hold back my love for cute and adorable canines. Shocking how they sometimes appear to know and understand us more than our siblings or family members. Dogs come in different shapes and sizes. Some are calm and easy to train, others aggressive and not so good with taking orders. There are a myriad of dog breeds out there, but this article won’t be able to cover them all. We are going to list 4 of the most popular dogs. Read on to find out the best one(s) to adopt.

Labrador Retriever

Labrador retrievers otherwise known as labs are great family dogs, obedient, and exceptionally friendly. This breed was birthed in Newfoundland Canada, originally used by fishermen to haul in nets, fetch ropes, and retrieve fishes that got off. Today they serve as therapy dogs, visiting hospitals and homes, helping patients with high blood pressure and dementia. They also serve as assistance dogs for the disabled. They are child friendly, intelligent, energetic, stranger friendly, playful, adaptable, and highly trainable.

German Shepherd

As the name suggests, this breed originated from Germany. Originally bred as a shepherd with the ability of herding his flocks. The combination of their steady temperament and sound judgement makes them perfect police dogs. They also serve as war dogs, search and rescue dogs, guide dogs, guard dogs, narcotics detection dogs, explosives detection dogs, and even family dogs. These breeds are extremely active and require a lot of exercise and grooming. They are also highly intelligent, adaptable, and playful. They shed a lot also.


Also known as English beagle, they are the smallest of the British pack hounds. These breed of dogs were originally bred as scenthounds for tracking small games like hares and rabbits. They possess a strong sense of smell, and you’ll always see their head and nose down to the ground in search of a trail. They enjoy the company of humans, and easily get along with other dogs. They are small, have floppy ears, less intimidating, and super friendly. Beagles require a lot of exercise, they are easy to groom, but can be difficult to housetrain.


Bulldogs, also known as British Bulldog or English Bulldog originated from England and were originally used in a sport called bull baiting. They are one of the most amiable and compliant dogs and are generally known for their powerful, short, and sturdy body. Can be easily identified by their huge skull, and loose skin at the neck, head, and shoulder. They are muscular and wide, playful and surprisingly playful breeds contrary to beliefs. Bulldogs are peaceful and gets along with other pets. Despite being very friendly, they can be pretty determined to help a family member in danger. Because they gain weight easily, the amount of food they consume should be monitored. They are sensitive to extreme temperatures, and most require caesareans to give birth.

These are just four of the most popular dog breeds. Others include bloodhound, Australian shepherd, Boxer, Chihuahua, Maltese, Poodle, etc. Let us know which breed you have, and which you plan to adopt. Learn more about our Petsochic collection of dog accessories today!