Best family dog breeds

Best Family Dog Breeds


Adding a dog to the family is a tricky and very important decision to make. It might not seem very straight forward since every family isn’t the same, doesn’t have the same lifestyle, and may need to look at different qualities before adopting. If there are children in the family it even puts you in a tighter position since not all dogs have the patience to deal with children. Is the dog energetic, is it friendly, does it interact well with kids, and can the dog get along other family members and other pets? Looking for best family dog breeds but don’t know where to start? Here’s a list to help you make a well-informed decision.



Originally bred as hunting dogs, the beagle’s peaceful temperament and sturdy physique makes him a healthy family dog. The beagle is a happy, smart, and friendly dog that enjoys exploring the outdoors. They are extremely tolerant and gentle which makes them an ideal dog for children. They are independent, have sharp noses, and may run off when they catch a scent! Regardless of your age the beagle will make a perfect companion. It can also get along easily with other pets.



Looking for the perfect dog to handle your energetic children? This is your guy. The bulldog is a medium-sized dog with sturdy body frame ready to handle your active kids as they willing to please. Might not be the most energetic of dogs but they are friendly, loyal, and very good with kids. Really docile breed, they tend to get along with other pets and are somewhat friendly towards strangers. They make great apartment dogs and can also live in bigger houses.



Smart and gentle dog breed, this dog breed is popularly known for their distinctive curly haircut. Super intelligent and has the ability to learn fast, the poodle likes to be around their human counterpart and are excellent with kids. Poodles come in 2 sizes: miniature and standard size. The standard poodle has a playful and obedient nature and are good with kids. The miniature poodle is also good with kids, obedient and playful but would prefer to stick to just one family member.


Golden Retriever

Loyal, smart, and confident beautiful dog, the Golden Retriever is very patient, and this trait makes them a perfect match for kids. This breed is also easy to train and they are not aggressive. One of the most popular dog breeds in the US as ranked by AKC, the Golden Retriever is also considered a pack breed, which makes it quite easy to bond with all family members quickly. They get along with people and other pets.


Boxers are affectionate dog breeds and were among the first breeds carry out police and military duties. They are loyal, intelligent, and outgoing. They also like to be around their family, are high-energy breed and will require a lot of exercise. Great with kids and have short coats that need little grooming.


Always remember that your family lifestyle is a very important factor to picking the right family dog. Do you have a family with kids? Which breed will you pick?

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