Best things about having a dog

Best Things About Having A Dog

Best things about having a dog? Well, if you’re reading this and you are not yet a pet owner, this is especially for you. I want you to sit tight and go through our list of the many benefits of having a dog as it promises to be a game changer! In the end, you’re going to wonder how you lived this long without having one in your life.

Having a Dog Greatly Increases Your Mood

One of the best things about having a dog is how greatly they help boost your mood. Having a four-legged friend in your life dramatically reduces the chance of you suffering from depression. They always seem to know just how to make us wear back that sexy smiley face and feel better. It’s really interesting how spending just as little as 20-30 minutes a day with your dog can increase the level of dopamine and serotonin in your brain causing you a great deal of pleasure and happiness. Dopamine and serotonin often referred to as “happy chemical” are neurotransmitters associated with pleasure and tranquility.

You Will Exercise More

Dogs require regular exercise and having one in your life will encourage you to exercise more often. As you help them get in shape, you’re also helping yourself get in shape. Doing this for at least 30 minutes every day have been proven to lower the risk of cardiovascular disease.

You Always Have Someone To Talk To

Want to tell someone about your day? How about your dog? Yes, tell it to your dog. They are always there for you, ready to listen, and would judge you even if your story is a boring one. That’s how much they care. They obviously don’t speak any English, however, you can almost feel like they heard you from what they do next. They know when you need to feel that sense of belonging or give you that confidence boost.

They Make You Become Better

Having a dog in your life actually changes you. You learn not only to love yourself but how to love others too and you may begin to notice how much more caring you start to get. He bathing, feeding, walking, and playing teaches you how to be responsible. They expose that side of you that you never knew existed.

Your Dog May Detect Cancer Sooner And Save Your Life

Dogs possess an extraordinary sense of smell and can benefit the owner in many ways including detecting cancer. Fascinating, but there have been lots of stories about dogs sniffing and licking some spots on their parents’ body which were later discovered to be cancerous. Priceless I must say knowing that your furry animal may be able to save your life one day (if need be).

There you have it. 5 surprising benefits of having a dog in your life you never knew! Would you get a dog today or do you have one already? Tell us, we’d like to hear about your wonderful experiences.

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