Best dog breeds for small flats

Best Dog Breeds For Small Flats

Looking for a new roomie to live with in your small apartment? I could be your adviser! Believe me, every (roommate) advice I’m going to be sharing with you today comes loaded with lots of health benefits including helping you reduce stress levels by increasing amounts of serotonin and dopamine. The only downside to it is that you won’t be splitting the bill.

Yes, boss won’t be paying any rent but he will be doing a whole lot of other fun things with you like going on a walk with you to the park, playing fetch with you, and lavishing you with sloppy kisses when you get back from work.

The fact that you are living in a small flat doesn’t mean you can’t own a dog and I’m going to list 5 different heartwarming breeds that’ll bring a bundle of joy into your home in a few seconds. However, there are certain important characteristics to look out for when choosing a good apartment dog breed like size, energy level, amount of shedding, do they bark a lot, do they get along with other dogs and people, and more importantly does your apartment allow dogs.


Pugs are great companions, playful and calm. Looking for a dog that doesn’t upset your nearby residents, go for this cute little pug. They don’t need too much outdoor exercise, just short walks and they’re golden! Be careful though, pugs are sensitive to extreme temperatures and could may find it difficult to breathe if exposed to hot weather for long.

Shih Tzu

Perfect cuddly, small dog for your small apartment. Shih Tzus will enjoy resting on your lap while taking a nap. They are calm, friendly, do not require too much exercise, do not shed, but they do need regular grooming. The Shih Tzus will surely melt your heart with unlimited cuteness.

Bull Dog

Their muscular build will easily have you believe that they are ferocious but they aren’t aggressive. In fact, they are playful, very friendly, and are one of the easiest to care for. They snore a lot and are sensitive to warm temperature. English or French, this breed will make a great small apartment companion.

Great Danes

Fancy big dogs? Consider getting a Great Dane. They are huge but won’t complain about your small space as long as you provide them with a place they can lay comfortably. Great Danes are gently and friendly. They don’t need too much exercise and are easy to care for.

Bichon Frise

Originally bred as companion dogs, Bichon Frise is full of energy and therefore, might require you to play with him often and take him on a walk to the park. They are very small and won’t need too much space to roam in. The Bichon are also quiet and their coat barely shed.

These are our 5 best dog breeds for small flats. Let us know which fur ball you currently have as a roomie and how fun the experience has been. Click here to discover our dog accessories.