5 Small Dog Breeds that Don't Shed

5 Small Dog Breeds that Don't Shed

Looking for small dog breeds that don’t shed? That’s every (almost) pet owners dream. Ask any dog parent to name at least two challenges they face having a dog to care for, I bet you he/she will have “having to deal with hair shedding” squeezed in there somehow.

Despite the fact that they love us unconditionally, it can get really tasking having to clean up a large amount of dog hair in your home on a day to day basis. On the other hand, it might be that you or perhaps a member of your family suffers from an allergy that gets worse with too much dog hair laying around the couch and your clothes.

We have created a list of 5 small non-shedding hypoallergenic dogs.

  1. Scottish Terrier

Independent and highly determined, the Scottish Terrier have beautiful long coats that don’t shed, require minimal grooming and they enjoy digging. Take him out for a walk or keep him engaged with toys if you don’t want to come home the next day to a bunch of holes in your yard. Their short legs will make you wonder how fast they can go. Also, consider obedience training from a tender age since they can be stubborn sometimes.

  1. Affenpinscher

Small yet fearless, the Affenpinscher has plenty of hair and its wiry coat does not shed much. This breed will require low maintenance and does not have that doggy smell. One look at the Affenpinscher’s face would leave you wondering if it’s a monkey (a cute one though) hence the name “monkey-like terrier” which is the meaning of this breeds name: Affenpinscher. Also known for their ability to alert the owner when you have an unexpected guest or a stranger coming through.

  1. Chinese Crested

Tiny, slim, and agile, the Chinese Crested dogs will make a good fit for those who dread hair shedding. Chinese Crested dogs are hypoallergenic, however, not all are hairless. This breed has two types of coat: the hairless type and the powderpuff type. The hairless ones are the type with just a little hair on their tail, feet, and head, while the powderpuff is coated with soft, fine long hair that doesn’t shed much.

  1. Bichon Frise

If you are a dog parent, a dog lover, or a pet lover you’re definitely going to love this dog even more because of his playful and friendly nature. Not forgetting pet lovers with allergies as well, this dog’s non-shedding coat will make you fall head over heels and would make a great pal. Though you’ll have to make sure he gets his fine hair brushed often plus he’ll also need regular haircuts and occasional baths.

  1. Brussels Griffon

Intelligent and loyal dogs, the Brussels Griffon is known as toy breed dogs. Their hair sheds minimally and may require regular grooming and maintenance. Comes in two varieties of coat: rough-coated and smooth-coated, this breed is small and would need you to take him for a walk or engage in some indoor activities to stay healthy.

Don’t let the fear or trouble of dog hair shedding stop you from owning one. This list has revealed to you 5 of the cutest little non-shedding hypoallergenic dogs you should make your next buddy.

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