5 best dog friendly destinations


5 Best Dog Friendly Destinations

Dogs have been described as a man's best friend for many obvious good reasons. They offer good safety, are very loyal and have recently proven that their great sense of smell can detect diseases such as cancer in the human body. It is therefore not surprising that out of the majority of pet owners in Americans, most are dog owners. Despite the many advantages our four-legged buddies bring to the table, most owners are unaware of how to make their canine happy. A trip with your fur buddy is a sure way to strike that out of your list, but some are still unaware of great dog friendly destinations. Going on a holiday soon and want to bring your dog but don’t know any dog friendly destinations? Here’s 5:

  1. San Francisco

San Francisco is no doubt one of the top cities Americans love for vacations. There are many different parks that allow dogs which makes it one of the best dog-friendly vacation destinations. There’s also the cable cars, dog- friendly patio restaurants, and cruises. The Sonoma County will also make a great spot for you if you love wine.

  1. Huntington Beach, California

Also another great dog-friendly destination, the Huntington Dog Beach is a true definition of genuine doggy paradise. A lot of dog owners just like you endeavor to keep this place clean and the pooches under control, so it is a wonderful place to go on your next trip with your canine. Rest assured that you’re both in for loads of fun. How cool is to see a dog zoom past on a surfboard? Really cool right? When you both decide that you've had enough fun at the beach, there is a Spa at Seacliff Village for dogs where you can reserve a spot for your four-legged friend to freshen up.

  1. San Diego

A dream vacation destination for most dog owners, there’s year round mild weather and great dog-friendly restaurants. Want to give your dog a special treat? There’s a dog-dedicated bakery that makes fresh baked dog treats. Buddie will be thanking you for months to come. As you guys continue, don’t forget to make a stop at the San Diego’s dedicated dog beach to give your high-energy dog a chance to burn off some of that energy by swimming or running. Otay Ranch Town Center is also dog-friendly for those who’d like to shop.

  1. Austin, Texas

With plenty of fun activities to engage in here, your trip promises to yield many fruits for both you and your canine. You can enjoy doga with your dog or bring him to one of the many off-leash parks for walks.

Does buddie love playing with water? Take him to the Red Bud Isle peninsula where there is plenty of water to swim in. Visit Austin, Texas in February to witness the popular Mardi Gras Dog Parade. Don’t think you can make it? There are a few other doggie events held throughout the year you can bring him to. 

  1. Key West, Florida

A must-see on your list, your cute buddie will surely love the small but friendly Key West Dog Beach. Give your pooch a break from the heat and an amazing time instead by letting him discover the beautiful surroundings as he joins you on the water. There’s playtime and there’s foodtime. You can request your fresh seafood as you both have a nice time. You’ll find lots of other happy dog owners there too, so you’re not alone.


There you have it, the 5 best dog friendly destinations. Plan your next trip, visit one of these places with your dog and have fun! If you plan to go to the seaside, our life jackets may interest you. Otherwise, if you are more keen on cold countries, our Warmsochic jackets are made for you.