How to educate your pet properly ?

 How to educate your pet properly

Having a dog for a pet is the most beautiful thing that could ever happen to anyone. I keep wondering how the world would be like without these lovable creatures. They just come into our lives and then steal our hearts away! Despite being such an amazing companion to have around always, there are some bad behaviors they exhibit sometimes and you just can’t help but wonder how these wonderful creatures could break your tender heart. Some of these bad behaviors are encouraged by pet parents even without knowing, others they pick on their own. Regardless of where they learn these habits from, we are going to talk about the proper ways to educate and help them avoid bad manners.

Destructive Chewing

Our canine friends tend to chew for different reasons; teething, anxiety, boredom, or to relieve stress. It’s basically hard-wired into their DNA. Most times our precious and highly expensive shoes pay the price, other times our furniture. Whichever it may be, when next she decides to make your personal belongings her lunch, instead of screaming or hitting her with a newspaper simply collect it from her, correct her, and give her some of her favorite toys to play with.


It can be very frustrating to have your dog digging up every part of your garden. Naturally dogs enjoy digging as a way of either hunting for preys like mice and rabbits, burning off excess energy, alleviate boredom, or simply looking for some nice buried treasure. Engaging your dog in physical and mental activities will keep her busy and help curb her boredom. This will greatly reduce her urge for digging. If that doesn’t work you can simply make a space for her where she can enjoy digging skills.


For dogs, barking is just another way of letting you know it’s time for breakfast, express excitement or anxiety, or just get your attention. It is natural for dogs to bark, I mean it’s their only way of vocalizing. But just like everything else, excessive barking can be irritating. Find out the reason behind the excessive barking. If she’s trying to get your attention the best option will be to ignore her and walk away.

Aggressive Towards Other Dogs

Having your dog pick a fight with just about any dog that comes her way can be disturbing. Most dogs become aggressive towards other dogs when they are scared or excited. They also get aggressive when protecting their human. When you walk past other dogs remain calm, and always remember to keep your dog on a leash while walking her.

Leash Pulling

This is very common, almost all pet parents can attest to have had this experience while walking their furry friend. It is very dangerous to have your dog pull you toward something or to a place. You both could get involved in something tragic; an accident. To stop this, whenever your dog starts to pull, stop and wait for her to come back before moving forward. Let her understand that it is impossible for her to get what she desires by pulling.


Help your dog become the best companion ever using these 5 steps. Always remember that early socialization and early obedience training goes a long way to help curb bad habit in our dogs. Click here for exclusive access to our unique dog accessories!