Petsochic was born after Raphael's quest to find accessories that reflected his Australian shepherd Oona's spirit.

Oona, deserved accessories that met hers and Raphael's style and personality. These were nowhere to be found and ID tags were just not going to make it.

Raphael decided to challenge his childhood friend Julien. They had a long term dream to build a business together and this was the perfect opportunity. Soon after, they embarked on a journey to bring pet products back from the dark ages.

Their mission is to give pet accessories a modern, french chic touch through high quality materials and embroidery. Petsochic aspires to create a community of global and passionate pet caring members.

Welcome to the #Petsochic community !

  • Jake Kassan Julien Pet so Chic Icon Co Founder | Manager
  • Jake Kassan Raphael Pet so Chic Icon Co Founder | Manager

Since Versailles and Louis XIV, French maisons like Petsochic focused on being at the edge of luxury, high quality and design. It is time for us to make our beloved pets at the center of fashion once again. The European heritage of the notion of chic and modernity is what makes our iconic products famous. It is what brings our customers this unexpected magic that defines us.

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Petsochic creates beautiful high quality and embroidered pet accessories, through the hand of our dedicated French creative designer. We offer you the possibility to customize your accessories by through exquisite made in USA embroidery. By working directly with our artisans and our consumers, we are able to bring you the best quality at the best value, and create stylish products for your pet.

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Because each moment of your pet's life is unique, Petsochic will be here by your side. Time goes by so fast for our babies. They grow in the blink of an eye. Let's celebrate the transition to adulthood of your furry friend ! We offer you a 20% discount every time you decide to change your Petsochic product for a bigger size. Your pet is evolving and we want to attend these unique moments with you. That's what defines the Petsochic family !

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