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  • The solid Petsochic shampoo is perfect so as to clean deeply your pet's fur while preserving the hydratation of his skin. The hair will remained soft and shiny

  • Thanks to our unique product formulation, our shampoo does not irritate the eyes of your pet, which makes it the perfect shampoo to clean your pet's face and other sensible areas

  • This ecologic shampoo is made with natural ingredients and respect the skin of your pet. It is ideal for adult dogs, puppies but also cats

  • How to use : Apply the shampoo on the wet hair, massage gently and rince - 75 g

    Made in Italy

The iconic smell of "Savon de Marseille"

Safe Pet cosmetics label

The Pet Safe Cosmetics label , developed in collaboration with the Department of Veterinary Medical Sciences of the Alma Mater Studiorum of ‘ University of Bologna aims to promote and enhance safety of cosmetic products for animals.

Despite the increasing importance of cosmetics for animals, there isn’t any specific legislation for the regulation of such products, in contrast to the fields of pharmacy and medical devices for humans.

The existant law, therefore, is aimed at protecting the pet and guarantee a safe product that respect the animal's hair

Unique formulation to wash the face of your pet softly