The Ivy League Vegan Conference (iV) is an annual conference which focuses on the future of veganism. It gathers the best Professors in order to talk about veganism and fashion, veganism and luxury (Petsochic), and more generally about the philosophy and values that veganism delivers.

The conference is taking place this year from the 24th of March until the 26th at Harvard University. As you know, Petsochic was born when one of the cofounders Julien was finishing Harvard and working on veganism issues at the Harvard incubator program. The conference is host by the Harvard Vegan Society along with the Cornell Vegan Society, Columbia Vegan Society, Dartmouth Animal Welfare Group, Brown vegetarian Society, Princeton Animal Welfare Society and Yale Animal Welfare Alliance.

For the first time this year, Petsochic is proud to be a sponsor of the conference. Julien one of the cofounder of Petsochic is currently on the campus in order to talk about luxury and veganism. He will speak about the evolution of veganism in Paris and in the US, and how technology meets design in every products of Petsochic.

The tickets of the conference are currently sold out. On Friday, specialists from medicine, climatology, politics, luxury, fashion industry, private equity... will be reunited. The goal is to shed the light on innovation, self criticism, and how veganism can be an elegant solution to the economics and environmental issues that we have to face.

You can find the program of the conference on their website. You can also go to the Facebook page of Petsochic to have more information about Petsochic x iV.

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