Petsochic, the french brand for dogs and cats

In 2018, Petsochic was born and already positioned as the French fashion brand of accessories for dogs and cats. Both timeless and elegant, Petsochic accessories will delight your furry friends. Our collection is designed by renowned French artists such as Walter Glassof. We work directly with a team of veterinarians to ensure that our accessories aren't risky to your animals.
Our wide range of dog accessories includes leather leashes and collars, harnesses, toys, bamboo fiber bowls and memory foam pet beds. Whether it’s winter or summer, pamper your dog with our essential winter jackets or the Petsochic lifejacket. Cats will also find their happiness ! Fall in love with our cat collars and our famous bamboo fiber food bowl.
Petsochic also offers dog and cat food : discover Petsogood, the range of dog and cat kibbles with exceptional quality. By unit or subscription, your pet will love it. On the menu, several tasty recipes : quality meats and fresh ingredients that provide the nutrients your dog needs. All our recipes are gluten-free, GMO-free & preservative-free, with natural components.
Finally, discover a unique experience in Paris, the Petsochic Spa. Our high-end grooming salon for dogs and cats has opened its doors in the center of Paris: we offer bath, cut and blow-dry, hair removal, shampoo and treatments adapted to all breeds of dogs and cats. Also a cosmetology check will make it possible check the type of skin and the quality of hair of your pet. We will offer him a fur care adapted to his profile.
The Petsochic shop and grooming salon are located in the St Germain district of Paris at 16 rue Dauphine, 75006 Paris.