Indulge in Walk your Dog Month: Learn benefits for both pets and pet owners

Welcome the New Year 2020; Welcome January; the National Walk your Dog month. Do you remember your new year’s resolution to adopt a healthy lifestyle? The month of January is harshest during the winter season. It is a toilsome task to get up from the snuggly couch. Well, if you have not thought about participating in Walk Your Dog Month, here is a beneficial reminder for all pet owners.

Get them both moving

What does first lay of motion say? A body in motion stays in motion, which apparently means start your year with a healthy lifestyle and continue to do so all year long. There is no better inspiration than cute puppy eyes staring at you longing to go out with you. For humans, walking would help to shed a few extra calories and for your furry buddies a mantra to settle indoors.

Food for Mind

Dogs feel bored stuck indoors all day. The way humans indulge in different recreational activities to break monotonousness of their lives. Similarly, your furry buddies need mental simulation to keep them hale and hearty. A walk is simply a sense of accomplishment for dogs as concordant with their basic trait to roam/walk to hunt for food. Walking outdoor is an apt food for their mind to feel happy.

Strengthens the bond

An outside walk with your pet will build a stronger bond with them. Going for walk helps owners to learn how they interact with other dog, react on seeing other people. It acts as bonding exercise. It is utilitarian to learn about your pup’s behavior and little quirks.

Ease-off stress

It is no secret that exercise helps humans to sleep better and keep stress levels in-check. The same is applicable for your pooch. Walking daily with your pets will drop stress levels for both. It can even help to supervise and control bad behavior of dogs. Pets love attention from their owners, they may act a little distressed and anxious when they don’t receive enough attention from their owners. A daily walk can help them build a connection with their owners.

Healthier Dog

There are countless reasons to why walking is an excellent exercise for dogs. Joint lubrication boost in metabolism, better heart pumping and many more makes walking is a blessing for pets. A stroll daily keeps your pooch healthy for many years to come. What better gift can you give your pets other than a healthy life?

Training benefits

You cannot teach leashing manners to your pets sitting at home. Each time your dog accompanies you for a stroll, you can leash train them. Leash manners and obedience are two main factors that build a healthy relationship between pet and their owners.

Heart strengthening; optimum blood sugar levels and blood pressure; shed-off extra pounds; reduced risk of heart disorders are only a few benefits humans can harness by walking in fresh.

So why not create a win-win for yourself and your dogs by participating in Walk your Dog month ?