4 good reasons to train your dog

Did you know ? Sadly, most dogs who end up in rescue shelters come from homes which never realized the significance of training their pets. Training is a vital aspect of pet adoption. A pooch is never too young or too old to be socialized. Training and behavior of canines have a symbiotic relationship. The way any human would want best for their kids, pet owners should have some sense of responsibility. Irrespective of age or the breed, any dog should be trained to some extent.
Keeping in mind that canines aren’t aware of any language but sign. They catch onto actions better than words and actions. For fast and effective training, it is recommended to be consciously perceived about body language and actions. The dogs are taught well through a positive reward-based regime. Left to their basic instinct, pooches will do what comes naturally, which doesn’t work best in civilized world. A certain set of rules or skills should be established to make living with each
other and in society a pleasant experience. Socializing your furry buddies will not only help them to gel with you and your family, also with other people and animals.



Still wondering ? Read more and learn about four good reasons why you need to train your dog.


Helps to know about each other

When dog owners include training as part of daily route, it helps them both to know each other, It encourages a productive way to spend time with your dogs fostering love. Keep in consideration that all members of household should be included in the training regime.



Not many people like a grumbly dog. Just like humans, our pooches are social animal. However, to be social in world of humans’ pets need to behave acceptable around people and other animals. Dog owners should teach them :
- not to jump on people
- not to uncontrollable
- not to beg
- not to show aggression

Teaching the rules creates a sophisticated environment and interaction for everyone.



Pet owners should learn to establish boundaries with your dog. An unruly violent dog is not pleasant to live with, such behavior could be stressful. When a dog is uncontrollable and lacks the ability to follow command, guardians may end up with damaged belongings. Establishing a certain set of boundaries helps dog learn about what could be acceptable by the owner and what not.


Behavior adjustments

Training a dog is not a one-day job, it takes a minimum of two weeks to basic train a dog. It involves repeating efforts, praise and rewards to accomplish goal. Along the way, guardians may need to alter the training regime depending on dog’s reaction. The regime should be positive and full of fun. Rewards like pat on the back, encouraging facial expressions act as an encouragement to them.

Training your dog either by oneself or trough specialized help will encourage a happy living environment.