9 Best Things To Do With Your Dog This Summer

As a pet owner, you always need to pay attention to your canine friend by doing some outdoor activities or just playing with them at home. When it comes to summer, you need to be extra careful while taking your dog outside during the daytime as direct sunlight could cause heatstroke. 

Here are some summer fun activities you can do with your doggy while keeping them completely safe.


  • Go Hiking

Take your dog to a cold climate place so that wandering outdoor so that the ambiance is comfortable for them. Choose activities like hiking for your sporty dog. Such activities can be good pastimes allowing your dog to meet and coordinate with strangers. Pets are often afraid of strangers or outsiders, which creates a gesture barrier between them. Spending some time at a different location will help them to become friends with others.

  • Set Up a Pool for Your Doggy

You may have noticed that although he may hate bathing, he really enjoys swimming a lot. Some dogs are not hydrophobic, so they are not afraid of sudden contact with water.

Bathing in a pool in the garden area during the summer will be great fun for them. The outside heat will make the water temperature optimum for them. This allows them to cool down in hot summers.


  • Play Run and Fetch Game in the Evening

Playing outdoor games in the evening can be a barrier for you but not for your pup as they have night vision. Thus, you can randomly throw balls in any directions making them engaged in picking the balls. But don’t try this in hot summer days as this will make them tired and will increase their inner body temperature.


  • Do a Dog Photo Shoot and Make Him Instagram Famous

Bright days are perfect to click some great snaps. Adorn your pet with some cute props and have a photoshoot. You can have a massive range of attractive props at any pet shop to make your pup look the cutest animal on the earth. But before that, train them to make nice poses before the camera so that it would be easier for you to take lovely snaps. 

You may post these pics on Instagram and make your puppy an Instagram famous, because why not ?


  • Throw a Dog Party

If you have some friends who also have canine members in their family like you, then you may invite them to a party. This way, you can provide an opportunity for your doggy to meet friends from its community and make him more active and lively. Simultaneously, you will also get a chance to enjoy the party with your friends. Don’t forget to arrange some of the delicious dishes for the rave. 


  • Have an Evening Walk in a Park

This is not exclusive for summers as you need to take your pup out for a walk throughout the year. But in summer the daylight stays for a longer time and you and your dog can enjoy walking in a breezy park. 

It is very important to engage your pooch in some kind of activities or fun to keep his stress level under control and promote healthy growth. I hope this article has given you some ideas to keep your pets happy in summers.


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