Fall Dangers And Pets: What Dangers Can My Dog Encounter During Fall?

Here comes fall !

There is a cool burst of fresh air, and so the dogs can’t stop wagging their tail as they eagerly wait to go and play outside. Likewise, most pet owners are  excited about these autumn months. 

However, as a pet owner, be cautious as you walk around with your pet. Like every other season, fall has its share of hazards. Sorry for cutting short off your excitement. 

In this article, you will learn some of the dangers your dog can encounter during fall.

  • Rodenticides  

Rodenticides can be one of the dangers your dog may encounter during fall. 

Rodenticides placed intentionally to keep away rats and mice may be harmful if consumed by  your dog. To be safe, keep rat poison away from dogs. It's better off to use spring traps rather  than use rat’s poisons. 

Rodenticides may destroy your canine friend’s kidney and can as well lead to death. Furthermore, your dog can get the effects of the rodenticides after consuming poisoned rats.

Here's what we recommend: 

  • Dispose of any rat poison 
  • Get rid of dead mice 
  • Use traps rather than using rat poison 
  • Always use a reach when walking with your dog 


  • Candies and Chocolates  

Your friends may feel tempted to treat your dog with some candies. However, treating your dog  with chocolate is not right. 

Reason being, candies contain theobromine which is not only toxic, but it can cause seizures and  stomach discomfort to your dog.


  • Avoid any Mushrooms  

You may have heard that mushrooms are harmful to dogs. Mushrooms cause nasty reactions on your dog if consumed. So, always be on the lookout as you walk your dog around the yard. 

Symptoms of mushroom poisoning include drooling, instability and vomiting. Moreover, in case you suspect your dog has consumed some mushrooms always call your vet for assistance.


  • Commotion with Other Wildlife Animals  

A change in temperature brings in animals like snakes and raccoons around your house, or in the woods nearby, as search for hibernating hideouts. Wild animals have a risk of introducing parasites that can cause diseases. Other than that, your pooch may come across a grumpy snake and get bitten or worse. So, as a responsible pet owner, try to always walk your dog with a leash. Also always be on the look for  any wild animals. 


  • Arthritis on Your Dog  

Just like how we humans are affected by cold weather, the same happens to our furry friends.  Arthritis makes your dog joints painful. Your dog may get stressed up or else develop other joint complications. So to help your furry companion, you can purchase a quality bed and blanket to keep it warm. To add on you can get some dog socks to keep your canine's paw warm.


  • Conclusion

As from the above illustrations, it is evident that dogs may encounter various hazard during fall. Additionally, it’s our responsibility we as pet owners to keep our dogs from these life-threatening hazards.  

So to be a caring pet owner, be on the lookout of such hazards to keep your dog safe.