5 Fun Activities to Do With Your Pet on a Rainy Day

Dogs love exercising, whether on  a sunny or a rainy day. However, when it’s raining outside, exercising or playing games with your dog may prove to be a toll order. What’s more, during a rainy day your furry friend may find fun from anything be it your socks, shoes or even your favorite read.  

In short, it may be hard to find fun indoor activities you can do with your pet when the weather is bad. However, here is a compilation of  five fun activities to do with your pet on a rainy day. 

Play Hide & Seek  

A rainy day keeps the dog indoors. However, this cannot deter us from having fun with our pawsome friends. So why not play hide and seek with your dog ?

Hide and seek is one of those funny games that dogs love. More so, this game trains your dog’s brain and body. Always have an extra person as you play hide and seek with your pet. One person holds the dog  while the other person goes to hide. After your dog figures out where you are, apply belly rubs or  give huge kisses as appreciatory tokens.

Tug Of War with Your Dog  

A physically engaging fun activity to do with your pet on a rainy day. What more you don’t need a big  room to play this old school game. What you may realize later is that most dogs love tug of war. 

What you ought to note is that you should always take the lead as you play tug of war with your dog. Petsochic has the perfect rope toy for that game, go check it out!

Teach Your Dog New Tricks  

A rainy season implies that we have to spend more time indoors with our pets. That said you can  take up this time as an opportunity to teach your lovely friend new tricks. Forget the naysayers who  say you cannot teach an old dog new tricks. 

You can teach your dog a new command and also help it to practice these new tricks.

Sniff out Those Treats  

Hide some treats and let your dog sniff them out. Dog’s sense of smell is excellent, and so you will be  awed on how easily they find them. Furthermore, to make more enjoyable use your dog’s favorite’s treat.

The game keeps the dog active be it physically and mentally. What more would you want? Start  playing these game with your dog and will be far much entertaining. 


Play the Three Cup Game with Your Dog  

Similar to the game of sniffing out hidden treats. However, you can play this game in a more  confined space.  

Place three cups upside down and hide a treat under one of the cups. Mix them up and let the dog  sniff out which cup has a token hidden under it. 

Give your dog a pat or a tummy rub as soon as it sniffs out that treat. Everyone loves a pat on their back. 


Do not let the rainy season cut short your happiness with your canine companion. Keep yourself busy during the rainy season with your pet with these fun activities.