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Petsochic retractable dog Leash - Bon Voyage

Petsochic retractable dog Leash - Bon Voyage


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The purpose of the collection “Bon Voyage” was to create stylish and practical dog accessories, with the deep desire to take care of your dog. Our “Bon Voyage” products combine the French chic of our designer team and the finest expertise of our workshops. Our ambition is to offer products that are respectful of our values and representative of our motto “designed by pet lovers for pet lovers”.

By creating the high-quality “Bon Voyage” retractable leash, we were aiming at offering a fashion product for your dog, while ensuring the maximum security for the whole family. The lead is 5-meter long and is suitable for all breeds until 25kg (55lbs). We use reflective tape so as you can walk your dog safely at night.

The drawings were designed by the famous French artist Walter Glassof who has been working for world known luxury fashion brands. Among his various inspirations for drawing outstanding patterns, dogs have always been one of his favourite models. Our creative team has immediately been impressed by his talent to catch our favorite dog expressions and to draw our furry friends with all the tenderness and humour. (Discover how a golden retriever becomes a "golden boy", a pomeranian becomes a "pom pom girl" and a chihuahua a "bad boy"..)

Each leash comes with a luxury bag !

Complete your look with the Bon Voyage dispenser bag and be ready to travel and walk with style!

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