Tips to make your pet at ease in a small apartment


Tips for Making Your Small Apartment Dog Friendly | BeChewy

Paris is famous for many reasons. One of those is the considerable number of pet dogs. Parisians love dogs more than anyone, and we take our furry friends with us everywhere they go. There are only a few places where dogs are not allowed in Paris. Otherwise, they can go the shopping malls and vacation spots with their owners. This is because the dogs are trained to adjust in small apartments with their owners. So, they already know how to behave in closed and small places. If you are a dog lover and shifting to a small apartment in Paris, we have some great tips for making your dog comfortable in that small condo.

Find the perfect location.

The correct location is the most important thing to make any apartment comfortable for both humans and their pets. Choose your apartment wisely. If it is possible, try to find a pet-friendly building or area. If you can find a quieter place, it will be a plus for your dog.  Always choose a residential site instead of a commercial one. If you select a condo that is on a higher floor, It can create problems for you. Some dogs don't like lifts, and it can be a huge task to take them down every time.

Decorate your apartment according to your pet's needs

Just like humans, pets need their own space. They need a small place to take a rest after playing or walking outside all day long. When you have a small apartment, decorating it to make your pet at ease becomes even more crucial. Find a peaceful and quiet corner in your house and decorate it with your pet's belongings. Or notice which corner is your dog's favorite. Put his crate or bed in that corner. Put his toys and other things in a small container that looks pretty from the outside. All you need to be is a little creative to make your apartment beautiful and dog-friendly at the same time.

Keep them physically active

The most important thing to keep a dog healthy and comfortable is regular physical activity. When you live in a small apartment, your dog doesn't get a chance to play the games that need a lot of space and physical activity. They don't have much room to run around. So make it a habit to take your dog to a nearby pet park for a walk daily. Try to play games with him whenever you have time.

Make a schedule for your dog.

Dogs can be trained easily. Set a schedule for them. Feed them at the same time and take them out at the same time every day. In this way, they will know that when it's time to go out for a pee. So, they will keep calm all day and wait for you to allow them to go.