Most loyal dog breeds

Most Loyal Dog Breeds

Would you say dogs are loyal? Well, yes they are. While all dogs naturally have a sense of loyalty to their pack, some breeds have been known to have greater capacity to be loyal than others. This is also considered one of the many desirable traits pet lovers look for in a dog. Nothing more annoying than having to always scream your lungs out since buster won’t quit ruining your furniture right? Not these guys. In no particular order, here is a list of 5 most loyal dog breeds.

German Shepard

Popularly used as military and police dogs, the German Shepard is one of the very first names that come to mind when loyalty in dogs is mentioned. Although they require a lot of physical exercise and mind stimulating activities daily, this dog breed is loyal to a fault and can give their life to protect the people they care about. They are also known to be intelligent, easy to train, and can be overly protective of their family members.


Originally bred to secure nobles and other important personnel’s during the feudal period of Japan, Akita’s are alert and strong-willed. You will notice that this breed has a quiet nature but they are very intelligent. Although they are quite stubborn which makes it a bit problematic to train this breed, they are strongly loyal to their owner once a bond has been created. Perfect family dogs and great with kids too.

Great Pyrenees

The Great Pyreness were originally bred as herding dogs to protect livestock and flocks of sheep. Loyal to the point that they go as far as making sure they satisfactorily carryout any responsibility given to them without question. The Great Pyreness is large and calm, however, make no mistake as they are loyal and very protective of their family. They are also smart, affectionate, and fearless and will require a lot of early training. Want a highly courageous Great Pyrenees? That’s possible too, all it takes is regular training. You also have to be patient and consistent with the training.



Saint Bernard

The St. Bernard dog breed is commonly known as one of the friendliest breed and was originally bred to guard Switzerland’s Hospice “Saint Bernard.” Got kids? St. Bernard’s are also known to be patient and this trait makes them great nanny dogs for kids. Beware of their health issues though, and be prepared for early training and socialization.

Labrador Retriever

Easy to train and ideal hunting dogs, the Labrador Retriever has a reputation for being loyal to the family including children and other pets. Labs are known to be friendly and sociable – it’s no wonder they are so popular and people can’t seem to get enough of their love and loyalty. Train them early and have them exercised regularly to keep them active.


These dogs aren’t just cute and completely lovable, their obedience and unwavering loyalty makes it almost impossible for you not to want one. Do you think loyalty counts when thinking of having a dog? Click here to discover our dog collection !