Most Adopted Dogs in America

Most Adopted Dogs in America

Americans have continued to show their love for pets. You will find more pet parents in the USA than any other country in the world and pet ownership is still on the rise. According to humane society, over 60% of American households houses one pet. That being said, it has also been found that most people looking to have a new fur baby added to the pack often make decisions based on the breed and what the dog looks like. So what are the most adopted dogs in America? Click through to see the dog breeds that made the cut.

Golden Retriever

Playful, gentle, and enthusiastic, the Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. They make great service dogs and are good with children. It’s no wonder when you have a Golden in a shelter, it’s adopted before you snap your fingers. They are athletic and high energy dogs which means they need lots of exercise and playtime. This breed will make a great addition to a family with children. It’s a highly sought after dog and might not stay long in the shelter before it’s adopted.


Poodles are known as one of the most intelligent dogs in the world. Another highly sought after breed that requires a lot of mental stimulation, need regular exercise and are very attentive. Their hypoallergenic coats make them a perfect choice for people with allergies. Having a poodle means less stress as they shed low and are easy to train. They are also good with children and can easily get along with other dogs. Purebred poodles are hard to come by in shelters, however, hybrid ones are common and are not fully welcomed before they’re sent off again.


Adorable and small, the Maltese dog breed is an ancient breed of dog that originates from Malta. Quite small but fearless, this dogs make good therapy and companion dogs and were aristocrats favorites for many centuries. Almost always on waiting lists in all shelters in the USA, the Maltese breeds are playful and good for families with children. Although these dogs are expensive, pet lovers can’t seem to get enough of Maltese loving and are always looking to get one even if it means they have to wait.


Yorkshire Terrier

One of the most popularly known toy dogs, the Yorkshire Terrier is small but has a personality that is way bigger than its size. Almost everyone agrees the Yorkies are lovely, adorable, and make great companion dogs. Owning one of these means you have to be prepared to train them well or risk the chance of having a wild Yorkie roaming around your home. They make good watchdogs despite their small size and have continued to gain the heart of many pet lovers. This has also made them a highly sought-after breed too.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is a family-friendly, beautiful small dog breed. They love to have the company of their human owners and will do anything to please you as long as reserve them a space on your lap. He’s friendly and extends that same friendliness to everyone. Doesn’t require much exercise. A lot of dog lovers already formed the habit of saving this cute doggy space on their lap and are always ready to grab the next Cavi they can lay hands on in shelters.


Which breed would you adopt? The Golden Retriever or Maltese?

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