5 rainy day dog walking essentials

Dogs need a significant amount of exercise every day. Often it's not enough for dogs to play indoors or in backyards, particularly those with high levels of energy. So, it is usually important to take dogs on hikes, no matter if it’s raining or a sunny day. This time of year is, sadly, wetter and cooler than most, with rain showers happening at higher rates than average. To combat the challenges of walking your dog in the rain, here are 5 essentials for rainy day dog walking!


Choose a Reflective Collar and Leash

One of the main worries regarding the rainy season is that drivers are feeling it increasingly difficult to see clearly. As a consequence, while playing in the mud, there is a big risk of drivers not noticing your pet, raising the chances of a possible accident. Substitute the usual collar and leash of your dog for reflective ones to prevent this. This way, the vehicle lights will bounce off the collar and leash of your dog while you are crossing a street or walking on the pavement,
making them more apparent to drivers.


Pick a Less Traffic Route

There are puddles where a driving car could splash you and your dog because of the rainy season, which can become chaotic, particularly if your dog is not a fan of being wet. In this type of weather, vehicles can also sound noisy, which can give some pups more discomfort because of the excessive noise. Choosing a quieter and less busy road would make the walk more fun!

Use Safe Harness

The Safe & Sound Harness is specially designed to help relieve walking stress through the heartbeat of the 'real feel' that rests against the chest of your dog. As we discussed before, the fear of a dog can escalate in rainy weather on a stroll, so this harness can help deter disturbances and loud, unexpected sounds to ensure a more relaxed walk.

Wash and Dry your Pet

Since the rainy season will supply dogs with potentially dangerous germs and bacteria, it is important to make a routine of cleaning them during their walks. Although it can sound uncomfortable, it can have many advantages to give your dog a mild rinse when you get home. After a cold, rainy stroll, rinsing them
with warm water will serve as a simple instrument to warm them up. Washing them would also wash away anything detrimental that they may have picked up while exercising. When you wash them regularly, make sure to use moisturizing shampoo because they can get dry skin from it!

Have Towel Ready at House

Be prepared with some dry towels and prepare an area where, on a rainy day stroll, your dog can easily shake off the water that has saturated its hair. Your dog is going to shake and splash all over your house, furniture, or other things with what is probably muddy water. If you do not have a safe place where he can do this, cover blankets or plastic coverings with furniture or carpets that can be replaced until the dog is confident that the excess water has been shaken from
its coat successfully. You will also want to have a blow dryer ready for the dog walking in the rain when you get out.
A wet coat will dramatically lower your dog's body temperature and a fast blow-dry is a safe way to quickly warm them up and dry them up. You will even want to provide your pet with a warm lunch or a surprise to come home. As a fun experience, this will reinforce dog walking in the rain and give your dog something to look forward to before returning home.