My dog doesn't like bath time, what can I do ?

Oh, so your dog is refusing to take a bath. Most pet owners experience trouble handling their frolicking canine while washing them. 

There might be several reasons why your dog doesn’t like bathing. Some breeds are more scared of water than others. They can also get nervous about the temperature of the water that you are going to pour on them.

Regardless of the reasons, it is very important to wash your doggy’s coat to get clean and healthy fur. Look at the rest of the article to know what you can do to wash your pooch although he hates the bath.


  • Take Your Puppy to a Spa

To make your dog familiar with bathing, you can start taking him to a dog spa at a very young age (usually 4 or 5 months). At the Spa Petsochic, you will find trained groomers who have knowledge of every breed of dog and can handle them accordingly. They’re comfortable with dogs’ first time grooming session and will know how to relax them, by talking to them and setting the ideal temperature of the water so that your doggy doesn’t feel freaky or uncomfortable. 

If you handle them casually at such an early stage, it will make your dog phobic and the memory will stay in their mind. Make sure your dog gets a nice first bath experience. 


  • Fix Your Slippery Tub

If your pet is denying to take a bath, then your slippery tub can be a reason for that. It is hard for them to balance on such a slippery surface. You may put some sponge over the surface so that it would be easier for them to stand there.


  • Don’t Pour Direct Water on His Face

Pouring loads of water directly on the face frightens your pooch. Use a wet cloth to wash their face. This will help them to bear the water temperature. You may use petsochic solid shampoo, which produces less lather and does not irritate his eyes. Thus it would be easier for you to wash them with a wet cloth.


  • Don’t Take Them Under the Faucet

Running water from the faucet creates a huge sound that becomes unbearable for them. Stop all the faucets before taking your puppy to the bathroom. Fill a bucket of lukewarm water in advance and pour it gently on you dog using a small container.

  • Try to Drift Their Focus

Dogs love to play all the time. You may use some toys around the bathtub so that they get busy in playing with such items. You may put some balls in the water, which would be enough to shift their focus from the water and sound.


  • Wash Your Puppy in a Small Place

If you have a small puppy then you don’t need to show them such a huge bathtub as they will get afraid of seeing the water quantity. You may start washing them in a sink. A small place would be convenient for you and your puppy.


  • Give Them Some Alluring Food 

If your pup has already experienced something unpleasant then it would be even more difficult to take them out of that phobia. Use the desensitization and counterconditioning technique, with great care and patience. You need to offer them some food that they really love, to entice them to come to the bathroom. Keep offering the alluring food continuously until the job gets done. 

If you are still having trouble bathing your pup at home then consult a professional dog groomer to keep your pooch healthy, happy, and disease-free.